February 21, 2013

Light as a feather,

i cannot emphasize how apt astrology and horoscope readings are even if you are one of those who think that it's pure bullshit and a waste of fluff and time. i just keep reading them for what forever seems like. not that i choose to run my entire day by them, or take them all seriously, but today's readings' definitely way too apt:
"you will finally leave behind some stressful moments and give way to a period on a roll. now you can relax. one chapter in your life ends and another one begins. make sure you've learned your lessons."

today, i took my final paper and yes, unofficially graduated from school! well the official ceremony will be in may. but wooohoooo, after three long years (or maybe five for me if you take into account my two years in jc), i'm finally done w school and getting a dip, yay? getting done w school's probably the best feeling ever for me now, at least there's no more stressing about yet another assignment or paper for the next five months or so, and most of all i'll have more time to spend on things i love, maybe even learning things that have nothing to do with school. all these plans and words floating around in my head needs to get real. i need to find time to cook, that's for sure. may get more side jobs to fund my upcoming trips, i dont know. definitely taking up different short courses, something new, and doing what i want for the coming months, could even send me to different directions let's just wait and see. am not so sure if i could handle night classes if i were to do my degree on a part time basis, the idea of putting myself back into that lifestyle and even more demands of school for another two-three years (coupled w stress, long working hours all day if i work, and all the cramming), is not appealing to me at all. but that's alright, i'm not going to entertain the idea of going back to school or getting on a degree that soon. keeping my options open before i make yet another life-changing decision.

now that i've got all my life in front of me to do whatever i want, use my time the way i wanted....am so going to enjoy this feeling. time to look forward to a chance to be spontaneous. it's time to play y'all.

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