February 14, 2013

The Harlem Shake,

happy v day y'all. alright i'm supposed to get back to my study mode asap (i dont even know if i had i one to begin with?) but right now instead, i'm having green tea, and popping lots of green peas into my mouth hole literally. i'm not kiddin' they say "go for the greens" this aint gonna making me healthy but still, you see what i did there. what a fail attempt. okay and for the past three hours or so, i've been watching harlem shake videos, it's so crazy and addictive i just cant help but to check out all the related videos on youtube, one after another. they are not gangnam style-ish at all please, so dont worry folks it's definitely safe to watch lol. plus i was utterly bored, and that was probably the best entertainment i could ask for - well, they actually looked really fun to do. i swear i cant stop watching these, what's wrong w me, i've watched like sixty different versions of harlem shakes alr omgosh. here's a few i liked:

lol and olga kay's harlem shake gone wrong's fucking ace too. hover over her name, i just linked the url. right, i promise i'll stop watching soon. maybe, just maybe, *** LETS DO THE HARLEM SHAKE ***
hahaha i'm crazy. c'mon SHRM and HRMS, u need you to get inside my brain. 

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