March 31, 2013

You can break everything down to chemicals, but you can't explain a love like ours.

sigh i knew at least five people who went for the script's on good friday, and yes even if they dont go on bragging about it, i knew how awesome and amazing these irish dudes are, all along. wish i was there, but this will do (no, actually it wont do. the fuck am i not there?! oh cash, yes) then again, good friday was good after all. GI joe, japanese, old'school snacks and yogurt w all my favorite toppings. most importantly, i spent my day w you. 

March 26, 2013

Puzzle pieces,

everybody's so fucking 'fine' but i am not, we are not. i'm hurt, and almost shattered.
i dont know what the fuck do you want from me.

could really use a cuddle buddy right now.

March 25, 2013

Oh, these times are hard,

how we got into this mess, is it god's test?
someone help us 'cause we're doing our best.
trying to make things work, but man, these times are hard.

oh these times are hard, yeah they're making us crazy, don't give up on me baby.

March 20, 2013

Good(food) ol' days,

been feeding my tummy so well lately that i can go up to having seven proper full meals a day, i'm a monster. especially when i'm at home, i hate it. and everything i put into my mouth are so unhealthy - i'm like having rounds of epicmealtime at home every single day (also the reason why i try to do healthier food when i'm out, it should be the other way round, but not so much for me) nothing new, been catching up w movies, like what i do every other day. so once again, i've caught warm bodies, 21 the movie, heartless (oh sturgess you are so damn fine) and trust - that's four movies in four days.

some foodtography from february to share w you guys:
Feb 25: post-exam celebratory meal round two at shoebox canteen,
 photo IMG_7853_zps74117b2c.jpg
 photo IMG_7854_zps3cb21430.jpg
 photo IMG_7856_zps8b39b641.jpg
 photo IMG_7857_zpscea80699.jpg
 photo IMG_7859_zps8e5f3777.jpg
 photo IMG_7863_zps227702cf.jpg
 photo IMG_7867_zps9ec97100.jpg
 photo IMG_7871_zps31db6ef9.jpg
set lunch menu @ $19nett - grilled prawns salad w lime vinaigrette, french onion soup (w toast), baked herb pink dory fish w hand cut chips and caviar. 
 photo IMG_7865_zps87a78fa7.jpg
 photo IMG_7869_zps14a241ae.jpg
ala carte menu - capellini with prawns and pan seared scallops

shoebox canteen's a relatively new joint (just opened this year), pretty convenient too, just a few mins away from clarke quay mrt. think fusion cuisine, shoebox concept (pretty small place tbh), and communal style dining, not too much a problem there, in fact i loved the idea of interacting w people and talking to strangers. i came for the lemon vodka cream capellini w cripsy bacon (all my fave!!) and the sous vide duck pasta w orange foam that i've seen all at dodgydumpling and on their facebook, it looked so damn good. but well, i only found out upon reaching that shoebox canteen actually change their menu every week (menu is scribbled on the wall) and i wasnt so lucky that day as the two pastas that i was looking forward to were not available. i had to go with the capellini w prawns and pan seared scallops. it was really yummy (told the waitress i was sad because i came for the sous vide duck pasta..... but was told that the capellini w prawns was back due to popular demand from the cbd crowd, and i should really try it), but i definitely would love to give the duck pasta w orange foam a try someday, think french duck meat, japanese tamago egg and the flavorful citrus zest...... please make a comeback soon! damn it, i need to try that. had a set menu to go w as well, the pink dory fish wasnt so much of my liking though. sigh, how greedy am i and i love my pastas so much, i can never ever go on a no-carb diet.

Shoebox Canteen / Bitters&Love (after 6pm)
36 North Canal Rd
note: they're only opened for lunchtime on weekdays 1145 - 1430!! 

Feb 21: post-exam celebratory meal at d' good cafe ,
 photo IMG_7778_zps335930b8.jpg
 photo IMG_7780_zps86479e29.jpg
 photo IMG_7781_zps61eab966.jpg
 photo IMG_7788_zpsce94e6af.jpg
 photo IMG_7787_zps4d767e3a.jpg
 photo IMG_7786_zps8e082559.jpg
 photo IMG_7789_zpsb95a9777.jpg
 photo IMG_7793_zps6bc3d247.jpg
 photo IMG_7791_zps2a43e2d7.jpg
 photo IMG_7799_zps9bb09671.jpg
 photo IMG_7797_zps9541b31f.jpg
 photo IMG_7796_zpscf3dc5c2.jpg
 photo c987trfbnmats_zpsc5166e29.jpg

the girls appointed me to decide where to take them to after our final paper last february (btw hurrayyz we've got back our results and man, we all did well this semester. some good news there, and yet something to be thankful about.) cant help it, i dare not say i'm a foodie or expert or what, but i do have some good knowledge on where to take people to, i feel like a walking foodpedia sometimes. but i'm probably just really greedy. i was deciding between mu parlour and d'good cafe since both are located at holland V and we didnt want to go too far away from school. decided to go ahead w the latter, and we really liked it there. they had this lift, which was really unusual? i didnt see something like that one before, i'm a country bumpkin hahaha we had some fun playing w it. the lift will take you to their alfresco lawn and balcony (d'good's segmented into various sections) more about the food, i didnt get to try their coffee, but i heard it was the focus right there. the next time im there, i definitely will not give it a miss again. the food was pretty decent, at least for those we ordered - eggs benedict, carbonara, seafood pasta, oven baked lemongrass chicken.

d' Good Cafe
273 Holland Ave

Feb 17: le goodfren @cixian's birthday dinner at social sin,

yet another relatively new joint we scouted! celebrated le goodfren's 22nd birthday at social sin, located at bugis junction (previously lena's, just next to fish&co) really cosy place and the price's really affordable. they actually have 1-1 breakfast menu at certain time, and there were also some 50% off mains promotion (all day breakfast not included) we ordered a variety of stuff, cant really rmb but we shared a smoked salmon pasta and a platter of cheese fries, ordered two different ramens, a pasta, and four other different breakfast menu. i had some french to myself (oh the pun!) loved how the food were served on a cutting board, of course the idea was nothing special because we've seen so many instagrammers serving their food up on that slab of wood. still, i find it really charming, rustic, and of course, brilliant. totally handy for those meat that required more effort while cutting.

Social Sin - gastrobar & all day breakfast bistro 
Bugis Junction #01-88/89
200 Victoria St

ending my post w some happy photos that night, we also headed to ksuite for a k session; as you can see, we were all dressed up in black and white (JT i love you) for cx's!!! i love these girls forever (aw cheeseeeee)

March 18, 2013

and it will be just like you were never gone.
and it will be just like you were never gone.
and it will be just like you were never gone.

March 15, 2013

Lately, i've been

watching a lot of movies.

these are all the films i've watched (the first two in the cinemas, and the rest are downloads) in two weeks, okay specifically ten days since four days were blocked out for working at the it fair. so this was what i've been doing all day upon graduation uh, when i really should be reading up about universities, degree courses, and searching for other possible options i can look into. my priorities will never be right. but i mean, of course, i'm busy w work as well. two consecutive weekends spent at mbs, both for work: i was a puller at the career fair, and a promoter for symantec at the recent it fair, which was great fun surprisingly. first time working at the it fair, was dreadful at first, but it turned out to be fucking good money, met really funny dudes, and i had so many visitors! ken, whom i first met on the plane to hk, i know cool right he actually dropped by w food from hk, and i also get to meet a childhood friend's parents, i've not seen for the past nine years. literally pounced on auntyy, and i was like jumping up and down. well, also, occasionally popped by smoulder for a shift or two if i managed to get 'em. pretty flexible lifestyle so far, cant let this go on though, i got to find a proper job or at least, an internship or so when i get back from japan. i cant fucking wait for japan, gosh. been way too long since i last take the obligatory shoot from the plane, like my blog header's. back to the movies; silver linings playbook, celeste and jesse forever's definitely worth a watch. and of course, sturgess being awesome again in upside down, so damn charming (though the ending was shit)

random photos from feb/march (in no chronological order)
1. ootd for le goodfren @cixian's 22nd birthday
2. had myself to a slice of super rich chocolate goodness while at work
3. all-singaporean traditional breakfast w @seanlokey on a weekday morning

4. anchor girls paying me a visit a work whoop!
5. the it fair ban ban best team xxx
6. butter last wed w xy, wshit and gaggy

7. i can have cereal all day and true enough. i broke my own record by finishing a pack of blueberry morning for just breakfast alone... seven fucking servings. legit. completely out of control.
8. stopped snapping photos of my cereal w fruits. ppl gets really bored of the same kinda photo everyday uh

9: met up w the usuals for a dinner and a good catch up after.... two sems, wow. love y'all
10,11: zouk w the usuals two weds ago xxx