March 06, 2013

Time is useless when your head's caught up in the clouds,

i'd like to think that the music i listen to (i dont limit myself to one particular genre) is pretty much reflective of who i am, and what i believe and that doesn't lie. the songs that i listen to, grew and mature with me. it teaches.. just sharing some tunes i'm listening to of late,

  1. sex the 1975 
  2. chocolate the 1975 
  3. next year two door cinema club 
  4. we're coming up for the foxes 
  5. mirrors justin timberlake 
  6. heart of a lion the griswolds 
  7. useless anarbor 
  8. art of sleeping above the water 
  9. gangster firebeatz 
  10. rock it little red 
  11. playwright fate i blame coco 
  12. magnetic eyes matrix and futurebound 
  13. i could be the one avicii vs nicky romero 
  14. worry about you tyler james ft kano
  15. mix tape big scary 
  16. waves electric guest 
  17. with you around yellowcard
  18. amsterdam yesyou 
  19. sweet arms of a tune missy higgins
  20. long time coming one night only

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