April 18, 2013

so i just knocked off from work at this conference, and now i'm like preparing to leave for japan, ikr i was crazy to take up a  job just before my flight, but well it was definitely worth it (both money-wise, gaining exposure, and of course a gooooood laugh uh inside joke) well, back to japan'13 yes baby, it has finally materialized.

see you guys back on here soon. gon' be lacking posts here for now. you can follow me on ig @ zhengningng hopefully i'd upload some sweet shots from the city of kuidaore!

April 15, 2013


 photo IMG_8141_zps19ffca12.jpg
 photo IMG_8093_zps0ae835d5.jpg
 photo IMG_8206_zpsd9fd0f65.jpg photo 20130323_142734_zps66bb4d04.jpg
 photo 20130330_124554_zpse27bd759.jpg

1. got myself two pairs of those hangin' right there. not too hard to guess which two huh.
2. thetiramisuhero's physical store at grammah (haji lane).
3. painted wallz at sutd.
4. froyo to battle the insane thirtythree degree celcius heat.
5. somewhere off little india (along dunlop street).

here's to never growing up. 

April 14, 2013

Visuals: Five&Dime Eatery / Paris Baguette Cafe / PS cafe

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 photo IMG_8120_zpsad42471d.jpg
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 photo IMG_8125_zps1e7fde51.jpg
 photo IMG_8126ed_zps11f18bc4.jpg
 photo IMG_8128_zps160d3df2.jpg
 photo IMG_8134_zpsdad8c7b2.jpg
 photo IMG_8136_zps79fce6bb.jpg
 photo c7tfghjats_zps07fa7d41.jpg

lishwen and i finally popped by five&dime for a decent brunch at noon on a weekday. and of course i had the egg benny (this one's served w potatoes and fruit salad) i'm so damn predictable. i loved the fact that fruits are served by the side. lishwen went ahead w the egg mayo and bacon panini, which was just mediocre.

Five & Dime Eatery
297 River Valley Road
Singapore 238338

(#fatfaceme, i've been eating way too much nowadays, my face definitely resembles the shape of a ball now)

 photo IMG_8147_zps2d649ce9.jpg
 photo IMG_8145_zpsa4ee06e1.jpg

we decided to have tea at paris baguette cafe after doing some shopping and what not, i mean yes after a lot of shopping. we shared a maple pecan scone, a box of baton sucre (sweet crispy pastry) and a chocolate royal pudding. the royal pudding was absolutely divine. we loved every bit of it! there was also caramel syrup at the bottom, really sweet, but i call that pure delight. one was..... not enough. the baton sucre was not too bad on it's own too, but not so for the maple pecan scone.

Paris Baguette Cafe
435 Orchard Road
#02-48/53 Wisma Atria

----- x -----

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 photo IMG_7950_zps14c67bf9.jpg photo IMG_7955_zpse34cd35e.jpg photo IMG_7956_zpsec66edbf.jpg photo IMG_7958_zpsd6eee410.jpg photo IMG_7959_zpsa8c5cca5.jpg photo IMG_7964_zpsceff7919.jpg

i've been to the one at dempsey, and that joint definitely has a much better laidback vibe. but i do like the one at palais too, the interior was really pretty (we were there in the evening, and the lighting was somehow slightly dim. i'm sure w the natural light from the day, it'd be even prettier), of course, need i mention? great ambiance. have to agree that prices are on the high side though. i decided to go w the mushroom wellington (was pretty good btw), and lishwen went ahead w the ps chicken in a basket. pretty safe choice for the fried chicken tenders. the portions were so huge, we didnt have the chance to try their truffle fries or desserts...

PS Cafe
390 Orchard Road #02-09A
Palais Renaissance

April 08, 2013

You're gonna be so famous, Hawley

sunday morning? hot damn, i love you even when it's friday night.

to make up for the lack of posts, here's {click} a video of myself w mirrors from fb. was also trying to upload a vid from my phone, it's slow. very slow. i'm so busy w work (but just for this week and i'm done!!) been feeding my face so much, killing me. both at work and after work - well thanks to all the folks around me, but okay i think it all still boils down to myself being extremely greedy. that,  it's a fact i cant change.

show me how to fight for now, 
and i'll tell you baby, it was easy 
comin' back into you once i figured it out, 
 you were right here all along.

April 06, 2013


into my fifth bowl of cereals w milk at 1238am, after feeding my face w a 200g of coated green peas (that's another 5servings of peas) while catching up w my youtube subscription. that's my typical everyday night for you. only at night. i'm hopeless. is there another word to describe someone worst off than being hopeless?

LOL please watch this one guys. i'm sharing here because it's definitely worth a watch. so inappropriate, and yet so funny. definitely brought the term, 'food porn' to a whole new level. made me laughed so hard.

so another week has come and gone. been up to nothing but work at the bake shop; getting my brain cells killed while stressing out about my further studies; movies movies and more movies; catching up w season four's the voice; feeding my face w lots of good food YAY and not forgetting cereals (such is life); figuring my love life out, and of course, trying to be positive despite all that negativity. what a mundane life i lead.

see you at raffles city tomorrow fireflies.