April 06, 2013


into my fifth bowl of cereals w milk at 1238am, after feeding my face w a 200g of coated green peas (that's another 5servings of peas) while catching up w my youtube subscription. that's my typical everyday night for you. only at night. i'm hopeless. is there another word to describe someone worst off than being hopeless?

LOL please watch this one guys. i'm sharing here because it's definitely worth a watch. so inappropriate, and yet so funny. definitely brought the term, 'food porn' to a whole new level. made me laughed so hard.

so another week has come and gone. been up to nothing but work at the bake shop; getting my brain cells killed while stressing out about my further studies; movies movies and more movies; catching up w season four's the voice; feeding my face w lots of good food YAY and not forgetting cereals (such is life); figuring my love life out, and of course, trying to be positive despite all that negativity. what a mundane life i lead.

see you at raffles city tomorrow fireflies.

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