May 27, 2013

Way back when,

and i only thinking about you, but i was doing okay. so we cant be that bad.

May 26, 2013

Visuals: Uma Uma Ramen // Cookies For Sid

 photo P1000148ed_zps09fcc6c3.jpg
 photo P1000156ed_zps517ff664.jpg
 photo P1000153ed_zps6740bc5e.jpg
 photo P1000158ed_zpsae2f054a.jpg
been craving for japanese ramen so bad after i got back from japan (had a taste of really yummy ramen i just cannot get enough of it) in fact, ramen craving is an ongoing thing for me, i'm always game to check out new ramen joints (having said that, i cant wait to try out that 'volcanic eruption effect' ramen at novena) knowing that uma uma ramen just added a new ramen to their original menu, i had to pay them a visit to get my fix of hakata style ramen. i did not just made myself sound real greedy, lol. and so i did, a week after the launch. we went ahead w the uma uma ramen (their best seller), as well as the bushi tonkotsu ramen (new on the menu - which consist of chasiu, white onions, bamboo shoots, egg, lime and red ginger) they were spot on. so damn good, especially the bushi tonkotsu ramen. the broth was so hearty and flavorful, yet not too greasy and heavy. also, i dont take spring onions (and i love white onions!!) look, i'm not bias here but that was really brillant. plus, i like my noodles this thin (being an avid ramen fan, i did my research on the various types of ramen noodles from various locations sometime ago, and this was to my liking) we took the set meal, so we also had fried gyoza and fried karaage going along w our ramen ($18 and $20 respectively - which i felt was extremely reasonable) i enjoyed my ramen tremendously. HIGHLY recommended.

Uma Uma Ramen
Forum The Shopping Mall
583 Orchard Road

after savoring sucha lovely bowl of goodness, i decided to succumb to my sweet tooth (lol, what's new) we settled down at citylink for coffee, and got some cookies from cookies from sid. then again, a meal is never complete without coffee. for some people, there's always room for desserts. i think imma go w both of it.
 photo P1000165ed_zpse8310ce3.jpg
 photo P1000168eddddd_zps95e53a03.jpg
cranberry pistachio || chocolate chips || white chocolate macadamia
 photo P1000174ed_zps75b66f62.jpg
 photo P1000180edddd_zpsdd69c7c0.jpg
needless to say, the cranberry pistachio was my favorite out of these three.

Cookies for Sid
Citylink Mall
B1-10, 1 Raffles Link

May 22, 2013

Easy way out,

e: can i ask, why dont people here take the stairs?
me: well people here, they tend to take the easy way out.

i cant remember the full conversation, but this happened at some point in time.

May 21, 2013

The world is watching,

 photo IMG_9835_zps27ed4685.jpg
 photo IMG_9834_zps99308f10.jpg
leaving you w two shots fresh from this evening, taken from my very own crib. i got myself tix to krabs this july last night, and this afternoon, i confirmed yet another trip, also in july. one of my newyear's resolution made was to visit at least three countries this year; and there, i'm so gonna strike that off! i said my goals were all realistic, true enough. still working towards the rest. i actually do like how spontaneous i can get sometimes. but now, well, my wallet needs a break. so i'm scheduled to my first morning shift tomorrow, and i'm pretty much excited, because i get to see the whole breakfast/brunch/lunch menu for real. not just the night menu. yay for a first. mom, i cant help it; i'm born greedy.

May 20, 2013

Visuals: Loola's Cupcakes || Mu parlour

 photo ca87tfvbjts_zpsc349fc95.jpg
||| rich chocolate cupcakes: white choc x strawberry ||| lovely prints at mu parlour |||

 photo IMG_9800_zps1b36c210.jpg photo IMG_9803_zps892d360c.jpg
mothers' day cupcakes from loola's by awfully chocolate, together w an amateur card i made for the momster. it's really saddening that my card-marking skills x my creativity instead of getting better as the years go by, gets worse. i was spending some me time, deciding to get tarts from tbb or canele frm raffles city, and instead, passed by esplanade and found myself staring at the cake display from loola's. couldnt help but to get two of these forthe momster to try, they looked so pretty and rich (well, they called it the rich chocolate cupcakes) i got the one in white chocolate and strawberry; cant vouch if they are good since i'm not entirely a big fan of chocolate, i only have them once in a while. but they indeed, were so pretty looking!

 photo 20130511_164030_zpsded9aa92.jpg

Loola’s by Awfully Chocolate 
Esplanade Mall
8 Raffles Avenue #02-14

 photo IMG_9771_zpsc8569931.jpg
 photo cmuats_zpsd28866d0.jpg photo IMG_9779_zps18bd264f.jpg photo IMG_9787_zpsb80bb26e.jpg photo IMG_9788_zps7db13b75.jpg
met jm and hy for dinner one evening, i havent seen them both for a while, well now that their exams are over. always love meeting these two up, and we're patiently waiting for cj to back back this summer, would definitely be a sweet get together. made our way to holland village, been wanting to give mu parlour a go. they have lovely decor, all in - white, black and red. my three favorite colors. lovely. mu was in fact, one of the venues i picked to hold my bday party last year. i went ahead w their burger menu (beef patty, avocado, bacon, cheese, mu sauce) because mu's somehow well known for their burgers. it was not bad at all, so yummy. but i'm slightly biased, because that's like all my favorite thing tgt (yes i'm a huge beef and bacon lover if you havent alr realise) and the garlic fries by the side were so good, and of cos, that's if you love garlic as much as myself. sadly, we didnt get to try their desserts, though they looked pretty lovely too - i cant say for it's taste.

we also spotted a new joint at hv (park cafe), cant wait to check that place out.

MU Parlour 
16A Lorong Mambong
Holland Village

May 19, 2013

Last friday night,

☑ star trek into darkness before work
paella extravaganza
lovin' the espresso martinis; sucha brillant mix
 little creatures, hawthorn, sapporo all in my head
countless bottles of saint clair sauvignon blanc
☑ running out of wine glasses
had myself a bloody finger
☑ huge bruise developed overnight

it's 2.08am and i just snacked on my supposedly breakfast-for-tomorrow (redbean mochis and a pancake), eight digestive cookies, a bunch of grapes, leftover potatoes and five packets of wangwang. i repeat, it's 2.08am now. what the fuckery, i swear i'll never learn; as if my dinner wasnt heavy enough. why am i doing this to myself. indeed, i need to just rot and die.

qotd: "do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. " - john wooden.

May 15, 2013


i've been trying my best to delazify my ass, but to little avail. hate it when i dont spend my time wisely, yet i cant find the 'wise thing' to do. havent got myself any shifts as of late either, so i've been rotting at home doing nothing productive for close to two weeks. instead of working and earning some spare cash, i'm just eating and overeating everyday, as if i havent gained enough weight or what. wtf is this; and then feeling horrible about myself. also, spending money on shopping and all that shit as if i still got a regular job; no good. i think i need some time to meditate, or i probably need another self-help book, lol.

the only productive i did the last couple of nights was to compile a list of food places i've been to - click here click here click here - i did it all manually by the way. pretty tedious, but for convenience sake, i decided to give it a go anyway. feel free to browse through!

some cereal lovin' photos below. just because i have cereal everyday (and no i dont take photo of my cereal bowl everyday lol that'll take up a lot of space off my gallery) my ultimate necessity, i dont know how to ditch this love for cereal away sigh it's making me so fucking fat..

 photo IMG_7561_zpsfab20a25.jpg
honeybunches of oats w real fresh strawberries 
 photo IMG_9812_zps2dfefbb4.jpg
honey bunches of oats dried and baked strawberries
 photo IMG_8212_zps8f9336e0.jpg
banana nut crunch 
 photo IMG_8155_zps526888b6.jpg
honey bunches of oats w raisin medley x blueberry morning
 photo IMG_20130408_103541_zpsf9af874b.jpg
mix of whatever cereal in three days lol
 photo IMG_9811_zps5f64b033.jpg
this was fresh from last night; medly of honeybunches and blueberry morning


hahahahaha ok this isnt true, but someone put this together. and i think he's a genius. useless video, but i dont know how many times i've watched this already. awww gosling, i'm dying.

May 14, 2013

Visuals: Breadyard

 photo IMG_8180_zps1012608e.jpg
 photo IMG_8204_zpsb4c14c90.jpg
 photo IMG_8188_zps186d2784.jpg
 photo IMG_8186_zpsaa917407.jpg
 photo IMG_8187_zpsa403fb48.jpg
 photo IMG_8193_zps3e8d12ab.jpg
 photo IMG_8200_zps997d384f.jpg
if breadyard wasnt that inaccessible, or far from my area, it would definitely be the choice venue for my breakfast and luncheons. it's really worth the extra effort to travel there, you get what i mean. i love sandwiches, and breakfast food (i mean this has been real evident) and am always looking for cafe joints to just hang out or to spend a quiet afternoon at; breadyard's the perfect place to be. i spent such a long time at the counter because i couldnt decide what to have, all their sandwiches looked really yummy (think ham and cheese sandwich, w gooey cheese and thinly sliced apples in between; chunky beef w slow cooked caramlised onions; bacon and egg.......) eventually, i went w the egg bettino set (my usual huh) - breadyard's version of egg benedict, which was lighter as compared to the usual hollandaise sauce - with drinks and sides. we also got the sausage and eggs set, tgt w roasted potatoes as sides. if i rmb correctly, each set ranges from $4.50 - $8.00, which is super affordable, perfect for students on a budget. said the owner, "as a university cafe we can't be too pretentious or high-end, so i just want to make sure that i do the basic things really well." well i think he nailed it. how i wish my previous schools have such cafes (how i wish i could be enrolled in SUTD right now haha) and because a meal is never complete without something sweet, we went ahead with getting a white choc macadamia and an oatmeal raisin cookie ($1.50 each) oh so yummy.

everyone's telling me how good the ham and cheese sandwiches are, i'll be back for you, i promise.
 photo IMG_8207_zps7d9a6706.jpg

Bread Yard 
20 Dover Drive Block 4

May 11, 2013

Falling in love,

"falling in love is not a choice. but staying in love is." - thingsweforget

May 10, 2013

Some things just make sense and even after all this time.

 photo iugbnmcats_zps4852f993.jpg
are you guys sick of my face yet.

it's friday night, and i'm just chilling by myself, in my room, w my second cup of coffee today, some wholemeal bread, two giant pieces of walnut cookie, lots and lots of nuts and, cereal. i know, courting my own death taking that damn cereal box into my room. once again, i overate. i will never learn. i swear, i could eat an entire box (which i just did together with all those i mentioned) ought to be shot. and of course, as im typing this, i'm holding on to a book i just borrowed from the library recently. some kind of self-help book, i know right, WHAT ON EARTH. but that's mostly everyday-inspirational quotes and shit. i'm not mad. but whoa, because that's the first non-cookery book i picked up from the library. earlier on today, i made a trip back to school w lishwen to have awesome meehoonkway. that's one of the many things i missed about school, i used to have that so often - that's the only thing i'll order at makan place. got our grad gowns, in case you guys are wondering (i doubt so, but i'll post it anyways) yes i did apply for university. here goes nothing....

last night saw me going crazy at h&m, my haul includes a set of bikini, three tank tops, a crop top, a super fitting dress, and what else, oh yes a bag. i'm not even working, yet i'm spending as if i had all the money in the world. but i figured that when you have a long and difficult task ahead of you, you should start by rewarding yourself. a cuppa awesome latte is good. a shopping spree is even better. wait, what was that?

more food photos, nothing new.
 photo malaysianfood_zpse1bdafb7.jpg
 photo IMG_9657ed_zpsb43c4960.jpg
1. went to JB w lishwen and family, and they took me to this legendary 41years old laksa place for lunch, and it was so yummy! tasted so different. (at restoran shang ji) 
2. take a look at my sambal chicken meehoonkway (YUM), and that wasnt all i took, obviously. (KSL city)
3. second dinner the other day because i can never say no to bacon and eggs. sigh (why cant i say no to dinner round two) anw that was at uno beef house, somewhere in the middle of toapayoh
 photo IMG_8230_zps7cde9faf.jpg
 photo IMG_8244_zps0953efad.jpg
 photo IMG_9681_zpsa71c6182.jpg
4. super yummy nasi padang from warung m nasir, and i can safely say - my favorite nasi padang joint ever
5. our usual order - kaya toast set (w eggs), iced coffee and french toast!
6. red bean extremeee for the red bean lover me
 photo IMG_8177_zpsec5c65d4.jpg
 photo 20130407_164031_zps71222d18.jpg
 photo 20130406_204441_zpsb75fbec6.jpg
7. mochi sweets from le sweet girl @lishewn sometime back
8. mixed sashimi box for dinner someday, from the marketplace at rafflescity. so fresh and good
9. nacho cheese fries (BFF) w ivy sometime ago because we were feeling cheesy. ok that's not so true

May 08, 2013

& I still love him

"and i remember when i met him, it was so clear that he was the only one for me. we both knew it, right away. and as the years went on, things got more difficult – we were faced with more challenges. i begged him to stay. try to remember what we had at the beginning. he was charismatic, magnetic, electric and everybody knew it. when he walked in every woman’s head turned, everyone stood up to talk to him. he was like this hybrid, this mix of a man who couldn’t contain himself. i always got the sense that he became torn between being a good person and missing out on all of the opportunities that life could offer a man as magnificent as him. and in that way, i understood him and i loved him."

i loved him, i loved him, i loved him.
and i still love him. i love him.

May 07, 2013

iEat Japanese (Local version)

previously from my nana's green tea post, i mentioned about wanting to check out the various japanese cafes that has landed their feet on our shores not long ago, and yes i'm still on that mission to check them all out. i love to eat japanese, so i dont have any complaints at all (plus increasing ramen trend? hell yes!!!) i dropped by a few cafes, and some not-so-new bistro/restaurant too. well, here's a mash-up of some local japanese eats from some of my previous visits (some even months ago, but uh, better late than never i guess)

  • maccha house 抹茶館,
  •  photo IMG_9666_zpsf6636a9f.jpg photo IMG_9672_zps4bbdf68c.jpg
    another one of those new kid on the block's maccha house, located at orchard central. so i wanted to relive some awesome foodie moments in japan (this one's pretty recent), but i totally made the wrong choice. the menu was pretty deceiving as the food looked really appetizing on their menu. we decided to go w just two drinks and mains before ordering desserts. the matcha latte i had was so bad, worst matcha latte i've had ever. i'll choose nana's green tea, or even starbucks to this anytime. then it came the mains, gosh i wasnt even sure if this was japanese food at all or was it chinese food. even if so, that was some really horrible chinese food i had. i couldnt even finish the ramen, it was that bad. so thankful i didnt order any desserts (which garnered pretty bad reviews too btw) am not returning definitely.

    Maccha House
    Orchard Central #B1-40
    181 Orchard Road

  • dolce tokyo,
  •  photo IMG_7977_zpsd62b55aa.jpg photo c8ytgfbats_zpsed4c84f6.jpg
     photo IMG_7986_zps84c8cd26.jpg photo IMG_7982_zpsc2c1384b.jpg photo IMG_7987_zps807216b7.jpg
    this was before my japan trip; had dinner w geraldine eons ago. we decided to order the smoked salmon eggs benedicts from their all day breakfast menu, and also a dessert to share. picked the dessert bento, which also was the perfect option for people like myself - i'll take forever to decide what to eat, and i always cant make up my mind. as usual, i took a long time just staring at the menu because the cake-in-a-cage looked interesting, yet we wanted to have smth chilled. so, a mix and match of desserts in tasting portions seemed legit. in the dessert bento was shiratama w kantan jelly, panna cotta w mixed berries, abekawa mochi, green tea icecream, and also a slice of carrot cake.

    Dolce Tokyo
    313 Somerset
    313 Orchard Rd #03-23

  • hoshino coffee 星乃珈琲屋,
  •  photo 20130319_121629_zpsdbe19e16.jpg
     photo 20130319_121638_zpsdd5a2330.jpg photo 20130319_123254_zpsef3ead28.jpg
    cant remember the reason why didnt i take my camera out that day (usually i'll have my camera w me),  even though my phone's image quality aint not too bad after all, i still feel more like it when i post images from my trusty camera on my blog.

    i admit, i found out about hoshino coffee from instagram, i was randomly looking at spaghetti photos from the hashtags, and someone posted a photo of the hoshino spaghetti somehow. damn, i was drooling all over just looking at it. wonderful combination of colors, i can see my favorite bacon and the runny egg, and of course, that particular iger took a awesome minimalistic photo, perfect. well, but there are always long queues everytime i pass by, wanting to try it. no wonder they are so popular across japan. so that one day, we decided to drop by at around tea time for lunch, just to avoid the queue. of course, it was hoshino spaghetti for me, and it was super yummy. think spaghetti, aglio olio styled, w eggplants, greens, hotdog, bacon, shimeiji mushrooms, and of course, a well blend of sauces and sesame seeds - much different from the usual spaghetti and definitely worth trying. i enjoyed it tremendously. just this plate of spaghetti alone, i knew why there's always a queue uh. the carbonara on the other hand wasnt impressive, so do go w their omu rice or other recommendations that people raved about. for desserts, we ordered the souffle style pancake w matcha and ogura bean paste. the souffle pancake was freshly made on the spot, we had to wait up to fifteen minutes before it was served. tip, do place your order early if you dont want to spend so much time waiting. that worked for me since i aint a fast eater. the pancakes were indeed fluffy, not too bad at all. in all, the hoshino spaghetti was a two thumbs up (will return just for this), other pretty stuff on their menu includes the french toast, as well as the fuwa fuwa souffle.

    Hoshino Coffee 
    Plaza Singapura
    68 Orchard Road #03-84
    Singapore 238839

  • hifumi,
  •  photo IMG_7942_zps8a58f661.jpg
    took the bestfriend out for his belated birthday meal (again, this was so long ago!) we wanted to check out hoshino coffee, but the queue was.... you know what i mean, and we didnt have time to brave the queue. changed our plans and checked out another new japanese joint instead, since they were all located at plaza sing itself. service was pretty inefficient, we waited so long at the door and no one came to serve us. we got in and were told that the appetizers were of buffet style, meaning we have unlimited access to it. i love potato salad, chawanmushi, and broccoli, so i took quite a bunch of those. they were mostly just okay. the salad was not bad though. our mains wasn't too satisfying, portion was less than sufficient, but no complaints since appetizers were free flow (and i liked the appetizers more than the mains hahaha) nothing much to rave about this place, even though it's inexpensive. i'll definitely choose my ramen to this anytime.

    Plaza Singapura
    68 Orchard Road #04-68

  • kazokutei 家族亭,
  •  photo IMG_8162_zpscb3e97c1.jpg
    i was wondering how come this place seems more familiar than usual, i mean other than the fact that i visited this joint, but actually had a meal at this joint this one at osaka itself! now that i realise. so kazokutei originated from osaka, and it is renowned for their handmade udon noodles. frankly speaking, i'm not a huge fan of udon noodles, you can tell from my blog anyways (from the amount of ramen posts) that i'm more of a.... "ramen girl" okay what a horrible description by the way, but you get my point. we were spoilt for choice but since the main star of the resto's their handmade udon, we went ahead w their udon. pork kimuchi nabeyaki gozen w fried prawns, as well as the chicken toji nabeyaki gozen w assorted sushi (just because a bowl of plan udon noodles itself would be too plain for me) they have a wide variety including udon dishes, sukiyaki and shabu shabu.

    Tokyo Walker, #04-01,
    Plaza Singapura
    68 Orchard Road