May 19, 2013

Last friday night,

☑ star trek into darkness before work
paella extravaganza
lovin' the espresso martinis; sucha brillant mix
 little creatures, hawthorn, sapporo all in my head
countless bottles of saint clair sauvignon blanc
☑ running out of wine glasses
had myself a bloody finger
☑ huge bruise developed overnight

it's 2.08am and i just snacked on my supposedly breakfast-for-tomorrow (redbean mochis and a pancake), eight digestive cookies, a bunch of grapes, leftover potatoes and five packets of wangwang. i repeat, it's 2.08am now. what the fuckery, i swear i'll never learn; as if my dinner wasnt heavy enough. why am i doing this to myself. indeed, i need to just rot and die.

qotd: "do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. " - john wooden.

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