June 27, 2013

All hail & bones

i was having a really bad night, and this cheered me up. i almost died laughing i swear to god (cant believed i actually played it consecutively 11 times straight) i can feel it I DROP DROP DROP DROP~ please watch till the very last part, it's fucking hilarious, "i feel it is la then i throw back" HAHAHA i died. dope remix. fucking catchy.

and this as well, it's like KAPOOYA KAPOOYA. (both interviews were on reactions from hailstorms, two separate locations though) this is catchy as hell too.

and back to the 'bad night', i mean yeah it's not as if i dont already know about this crazy fairytale hellokitty saga. last week was already insane, at least i managed to get the kitty at a 24hour joint, after 1am. but this week's bone's was completely out of control. people outbeat the system once again, and the kitties are sold out islandwide (for those 24h joints) even before 12am. this is fucking crazy. i wasnt even near any mcds, and yes i was intending to head to one. but i was told not to since i wont be able to get one anyways asmcds issued some coupon and shit. i thought, oh well, i'll just go queue up tomorrow for breakfast then. and just when i reached the nearest mcds that only opens at 7am, there was already people queuing up. and by that, i meant HUNDREDS of people. the next moment, people are jacking up prices online - who the fuck pays $80-100 for a mcds plushie! these resellers are so selfish. i admit i'm slightly crazy (please dont judge me they are really cute lol) that i was so upset that i couldnt get any one those bones tonight, but seriously, resellers? i mean for $80-100, you can get a decent 50 cm big hellokitty plushie, and you dont even have to queue or gain weight at all. genuine collector like myself, really wanted that one so bad just to complete my collection. buying 10 kitties, and selling them at a price 10 times higher is just pure evil, just like those buying n95 masks and selling them when the haze condition was so bad few days ago, what's w the short term profit. i was struggling for the past few hours, thinking whether i should buy from the resellers, because it's just too crazy to queue. i swear. i'm not gonna waste my time queuing for 7hours you know (fights broke out and there were ambulances being called to at some branches, jams everywhere for those driving rushing from one outlet to another) but i just dont want the resellers to get any profit out of this. it's crazy, no point negotiating. i pity those working at mcds this period though, i'm sure they have had enough nonsense for the past five weeks - endless complaints, and having to look and entertain all the fucked up customers every thursdays - i'm sure the staff are super good at managing their temper.

sigh, i still want my singing bones kitty though. :'(

June 23, 2013

Be happy,

i am feeling completely vulnerable tonight. i haven't been this upset in a long time.
i dont need anything else, i just want us to be happy.

June 22, 2013

how can i move on when i'm still in love with you?

because old is gold.

"if anyone ever tells you you put too much peanut butter on your bread, stop talking to them. you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life." - anon. stumbled across this on tumblr. so true. today i had a huge bowl of granola, and instead of the usual milk and yogurt, i threw in like three tablespoons of peanut butter. it was so good, i decided to eat it from the jar. i'm hopeless. you know what, i'm gonna try to make pistachio butter some day. cashew nut butter sounds legit too. let's do.

June 21, 2013

Somewhere else,

i wish i could be at somewhere else right now. you know, just anywhere haze-free. gosh this haze shit is suffocating all of us. we need to breathe. i cant imagine how are the indonesian citizens coping, i mean the haze hits them much earlier and it is clearly hazardous. they are having it much worse than us. i sincerely hope everyone's doing themselves good by taking safety precautions, and drinking up at least. it's not much of a help at all, but at least you're doing something for yourself. now it's back to dreaming about being away, and the perfect place to go to would be the beach. perhaps, an island. i'll watch the sun go down, then the moon comes out. midnight at the shoreline for me. go to the sea, and just chill on the beach w cheap bottles of booze, and my man by my side (maybe some more hunky dudes to watch too, seems perfect) and you know what comes next.

June 20, 2013


i really dont want to jump on the bandwagon tweeting and posting about how bad and how insane the haze is, but it's really getting into me and pissing me off. i mean well, yeah, not just me. it has gone way too insane!  you cant see shit. the psi reading was what, 290 earlier at 9pm (i was working and i've got texts coming in telling me to drink up more and shit because the psi was 290. and me being me, questioned if that was 190 typo lol) gosh, but there's really nothing much we can do, not as if it'll change anything after i hit on the post button aye. guess we just got to drink up more, be safe, and try to stay indoors? but i really hate how this crazy haze is giving me headache and causing my skin to act up, giving me temporary rashes. fuck the haze. but you know what, the haze did not stop me from me getting my mckitty, i'm mad but i'm not alone. in fact, people are way more crazy than i am. i've got pictures below, just have a look.

 photo catsuygvbnm_zps6d8a088c.jpg
 photo 20130620_010053_zps56ebad5c.jpg

i swear it's like the thursday ritual for all (the boyfriends mostly) been more than two months since i last had a mcd meal, but gosh i just did!? for supper somemore. i almost forgot how yummy shaker fries were - and the latest honey mustard sauce was not bad at all either. welcome home my lovely duckling, it's gonna granola-pb-fruits and cardio day tomorrow. ok wait what, who am i kidding, it's daddy's bday dinner tomorrow. oh, feast time.

 photo 20130619_172031_zps8da2643b.jpg
ending my post w the wisest thing i've heard all day. dear 'anonymous', you're so good.

June 18, 2013

You turned the light onto the place that only i know,

my eyes are stuck in a gaze reflecting every move you make
another one trapped in a maze repeating all the same mistakes.

June 17, 2013

Of birthday celebrations,

 photo 5388_10151539455368323_1816401836_n_zps42484edb.jpg
 photo 1017497_10151539455348323_1856351013_n_zps80149baa.jpg
 photo 947108_10151539460348323_2140008707_n_zps8c6bdd7d.jpg
 photo cammmmts_zpsdef6f68d.jpg
aww clinging on to my pretty mins x

mins 22nd || we had korean for dinner since the bday girl was craving for it; not too sure of that joint (this was a backdated post) it's along tanjong pagar of course. i loved how we all showed up in black even though we didnt plan it ahead - we know ourselves too well HAHA cant wait for my bday (lol) and the girls will show up wearing red lipstick yay.

 photo IMG_9950_zpse8ba687d.jpg
 photo IMG_9952_zpsb7b8bff4.jpg
 photo IMG_9953_zps31df6438.jpg
 photo IMG_9956_zps8f478987.jpg
 photo IMG_9958_zpsf6f74871.jpg
 photo IMG_9964_zpse00b6955.jpg
 photo IMG_9966_zps0484e997.jpg
 photo IMG_9970_zps4eacbcd8.jpg
 photo IMG_9971_zpsfee88b7f.jpg
 photo cpjhbvcats_zpsa6bc7ecd.jpg
pretty gaggyyy x (why are all my girls so pretty hehe) 

we headed to the loft for gaggy's 22nd. the loft's located at chinatown, they have a range of all day breakfast, as well as pancakes and waffles. the food was mediocre, in fact slightly leaning towards disappointing, but the company's all that matters. these girls makes everything better.

 photo IMG_0001_zps83dda885.jpg
 photo IMG_0040_zpsa830960f.jpg

- im on a cereal streak again. today i had nothing but cereal (a whole fucking box of pecan and raisins granola) w either milk or peanut butter throughout the day.
- ok i lied. i also had my daily caffeine fix of course, lots of cherries and a whole orange cut up to myself as well.
- but it's true, one whole fucking box of cereal w milk or PB.
- the PB mom got from the grocery store (adams peanut butter) was dope; fuck skippy. apparently these old fashioned homemade pb were imported from usa, you got to stir deep down into the jar when you open the lid (there's a layer of oil on top of it) but gosh the aroma.
- if i were to list three things i'd do everyday - cereals, coffee, sex.

June 16, 2013

Life of late,

my posts have been rather sparse lately, yeah noticeably. i keep meaning to do and write about some stuff going on with my life right now, here and there, but i just dont have the time to do it. i'll be so tired by the time i get home from work if i do, and on days i dont, i'm either out, eating as if i havent seen food before (lol literally) or am just plain lazy. dont worry, i'm not dead, neither have i got away and leave this place for good. but i really got to do something to overcome that laziness, fucking sloth. i dont have much rapid changes in my life to be honest. i wished i'm enrolled in a university, or having some kind of fun time right now. i'm not entirely enjoying all my days, hate it when i dont have things planned on certain days (well i'm actually working just part time you see; in fact i hardly even do?) wished i could do some meaningful stuff rather than just feeding my face w so much junk food and carbo - been saying so much about my weight gain yet am not doing anything about it. i am aware it's completely annoying, but just let me rant the fuck out, how did i gain 7kg from last october!?! this is absurd. but it makes sense, somehow - i can have seven huge and unhealthy meals a day and i end up feeling like tearing myself apart. i'm not done w emotional eating, all i can say is that shit is crazy. whatever happened to eating proper and healthy meals?? self control, you need to get at me now.

that aside, i saw two movies over the past week, and i got to say now you see me's absolutely brillant. i love the twists to the movie, and how charming all the four horsemen were (yes yes my love interest, mr davey-cutest-guy franco); and jesse eisenberg was so hot? not that usual kind of hot, but you know, that smart guy in class kinda appealing. ok actually you know what guys, just go ahead and learn some fucking magic. good to pick girls up, never fails. and the other movie, of course, man of steel. henry cavill - gosh, are you for real? simply, sublime. haven seen such a fine, polite, and beautiful guy for a while. (i swear need to stop fantasizing every superhero LOL) just look at how fine he is:

 photo henrycats_zpsadebc684.jpg
how's that even possible to be beyond attractive. neways, someone did this (it's always good to know more about fine men) : fifteen reasons henry cavill is the perfect superman  he was like 'one of the best moment of life, is to turn around to realise that OH IM SUPERMAN' ow

oh and now you see me's clips;

and there. the closer you think you are, the less you'll actually see.

and le magic fight scene.

before sending my ass back to bed, i've got some photos straight out from my phone to share (that lazy to the extent that i haven even started uploading pictures from my camera to the laptop):

 photo calnvcts_zpsc77af9a6.jpg photo ca0cxxts_zps0dab40ee.jpg

and this is exactly what's occupying my life every other day. though i'm not a barista (am just a service crew) i literally am picking up knowledge on espresso, coffee beans, and such; and needless to say, i'm trying hard myself to pick up some skills on the art of coffee, of which i absolutely loved.

 photo ca9ubbts_zps5327ab8d.jpg
 photo cihbnmats_zps12896b9c.jpg
made my first frothed coffee ; made mocha for monica ; cant believe i drew a perfect heart the first time i did coffee for someone who paid; and that's me caught in action
 photo 123456uiopcats_zpsd0647a85.jpg
and of course, these three were k-man's pours

 photo IMG_20130521_163750editsiaofboc_zpsc513d74d.jpg

shall squeeze in a post or two later this week! promise.

June 12, 2013

F R A N C O . B R O T H E R S

 photo tumblr_matd0vLqWz1ralx6ro1_500_zpsc8a2ddfe.jpg

j a m e s . f r a n c o
one of the few guys in this world who are worthy of the title, 'gorgeous'. sexiest man alive.
could be the re-encarnation of james dean. god 'accidentally' killed james dean when he was 24 in a car crash and felt guilty for keeping james dean to himself in heaven. so, in effort to mend things in the human world, he created james franco, a man with similar looks and equal if not greater talent. god realized that he couldn't name the new james dean the same name because it would be too suspicious. the angels submitted him into the witness protection programme and gave him the new last name of 'franco'.

d a v e . f r a n c o
james franco's adorable little brother. incredibly handsome, also known as davey as seen in the funny or die videos. he tries 232434 times less than zac efron yet he's 545345 times hotter.

& disclaimer: urbandict was being awesome as usual.

Chris fine,

chris hemsworth as chris pine's dad in star trek. (like papa like son)
chris pine as captain kirk; chris evans as captain america. (unleashing the captain fetish)
chris evans and chris hemsworth teamed up in avengers. (that's it HOLYSHIT)

oh my chris-es. i love you all. as long as you're a chris, you're.... so fine. that's a fact.
i might even name my kid 'chris' in future LOL for i'm kinda chris-blown.

 photo 1000416_315710031896114_1422195670_n_zps9230ff36.jpg
oh hey captain kirk....

June 08, 2013

J'ai reçu un diplôme //

so i officially graduated from np three weeks ago, photo cagradts_zps00478816.jpg photo IMG_9859_zpsd9ea37a2.jpg
 photo IMG_9858_zps774e7fd1.jpg
 photo IMG_9866_zpsc7f02786.jpg
 photo IMG_9851_zps745af224.jpg
 photo IMG_9887_zpsf6b28a0c.jpg photo IMG_9938_zpsd3701ce9.jpg
fucking finally. just sharing a few shots right here. 
i've said this a couple of times, but i'm absolutely thankful for everything that happened, and everyone i met over these three years - be in it school, or not (though i am very much aware that i'm totally inactive in school functions or any major shit, i choose not to) and those who were once there, or are still there for me; safe to say that np was one hell of a ride. all the project woes, and those nights where we had to burn the midnight oil... i dreaded them. so damn much. i was blessed w a close bunch of friends back in year one, though eventually we drifted away, i forged a really close friendship w lishwen and i wouldnt want it any other way. year two was smooth, and i got to meet jp, eunice and clare. these three girls who are genuinely nice and whom i know i could always count on. then it came to the time where we had to choose our specialisation; it wasnt too hard for me to decide. i guessed i owed it to ms fong for showing me the right way, since i really enjoyed her lessons back in year two hrm. and even so when i thought i was all along in year three sem two, i was wrong - i met my anchor girls. my favorite project mates, and i still think that we could make a stellar team (haha) so proud of cheryl and her achievements. again, going to np after sajc did not fucking crossed my mind at all; but look what happened and look where i am now. three years, just zoomed past, and that's it. i've graduated. got to move on.
btw the lego minifigurine was the most perfect gift ever, dont you think?

She's up all night for good fun,

it's 12.40am and i'm snacking on a some herbed chicken drizzled w balsamic vinegar, as well as a giant pain au chocolat that i picked up from work; i havent been updating you guys about my life as of late but basically, it's mostly about work, meeting people and getting fed on so much good food at work, the usual cafe hopping and daily overeating scenes on repeat - also, gaining so much weight over the past one month. i feel like killing myself for not exercising, yet i cant stop feeding myself every fucking second. all the cravings (i'm mostly craving for carbs and chocolate, which is insane because i gave in to all of them when i dont even like chocolate in the first place) this emotional eating shit is way too unhealthy, and it's ruining me inside out. what else can i say? it's 12.40am and i'm snacking on a some herbed chicken drizzled w balsamic vinegar, as well as a giant pain au chocolat that i picked up from work.

June 05, 2013

"The surest way to become is to playact."

"whenever you wish to change yourself, but find it difficult, start as children do by pretending that you already are. as you play at being who you wish to become, the playact itself will surely transform you."  
kinda reminds me of what i learnt from school, to fake it till you make it. works.

i saw hangover three last weekend, and as much as i want to say it was full of crap (uh huh), it was still quite a laugh. in fact, i laughed so hard the entire way through. but what made me smiled like an idiot throughout the film was mr bradley cooper - i cant stop staring at him. good god. he should've taken his shirt off while knocking down the wall, like what chow asked him to. i just cant get over how charming he is.

overspent on food today, but i had a great one nonetheless. that said, i really need to watch my spendings, and of course, my diet. who eats five bowls of cereal for dinner? who gains almost five kgs in a month? (i swear i hate the number, five) not too hard to guess. the same person - me.

June 04, 2013

Marmalade toast + Smoothie king

there are some days where i just want a good old sandwich wrap for lunch.

1. marmalade toast
 photo IMG_9825_zps2ec287f6.jpg
 photo IMG_9824_zpsd9317d0b.jpg
 photo IMG_9822_zps2c6e05d7.jpg
power brunch w myself of avocado caesar wrap (romaine lettuce, avocado, garlic croutons and parmesan) • raw salad (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, green apples, raisins, pinenuts) these were alright, a little too healthy for me, but then again, i'm trying my very best to commit myself to healthy eating haha

2. smoothie king
 photo 20130522_165730_zps4a149b90.jpg
verdict? what poor decision made. this was totally mehhhhh. the portion is for babies, i can hardly see any chicken meat in there, and i felt pretty sad just eating it. had to go for a second dinner. i aint gonna trust food bloggers lol, but then again, we do have different taste buds - still, i'll never eat at this joint ever again. i'm not biased at all but sarnies (oh hey come give us a try, really) do have the most yummy wraps, ever. at least in singapore i reckoned.