June 27, 2013

All hail & bones

i was having a really bad night, and this cheered me up. i almost died laughing i swear to god (cant believed i actually played it consecutively 11 times straight) i can feel it I DROP DROP DROP DROP~ please watch till the very last part, it's fucking hilarious, "i feel it is la then i throw back" HAHAHA i died. dope remix. fucking catchy.

and this as well, it's like KAPOOYA KAPOOYA. (both interviews were on reactions from hailstorms, two separate locations though) this is catchy as hell too.

and back to the 'bad night', i mean yeah it's not as if i dont already know about this crazy fairytale hellokitty saga. last week was already insane, at least i managed to get the kitty at a 24hour joint, after 1am. but this week's bone's was completely out of control. people outbeat the system once again, and the kitties are sold out islandwide (for those 24h joints) even before 12am. this is fucking crazy. i wasnt even near any mcds, and yes i was intending to head to one. but i was told not to since i wont be able to get one anyways asmcds issued some coupon and shit. i thought, oh well, i'll just go queue up tomorrow for breakfast then. and just when i reached the nearest mcds that only opens at 7am, there was already people queuing up. and by that, i meant HUNDREDS of people. the next moment, people are jacking up prices online - who the fuck pays $80-100 for a mcds plushie! these resellers are so selfish. i admit i'm slightly crazy (please dont judge me they are really cute lol) that i was so upset that i couldnt get any one those bones tonight, but seriously, resellers? i mean for $80-100, you can get a decent 50 cm big hellokitty plushie, and you dont even have to queue or gain weight at all. genuine collector like myself, really wanted that one so bad just to complete my collection. buying 10 kitties, and selling them at a price 10 times higher is just pure evil, just like those buying n95 masks and selling them when the haze condition was so bad few days ago, what's w the short term profit. i was struggling for the past few hours, thinking whether i should buy from the resellers, because it's just too crazy to queue. i swear. i'm not gonna waste my time queuing for 7hours you know (fights broke out and there were ambulances being called to at some branches, jams everywhere for those driving rushing from one outlet to another) but i just dont want the resellers to get any profit out of this. it's crazy, no point negotiating. i pity those working at mcds this period though, i'm sure they have had enough nonsense for the past five weeks - endless complaints, and having to look and entertain all the fucked up customers every thursdays - i'm sure the staff are super good at managing their temper.

sigh, i still want my singing bones kitty though. :'(


Wenhui said...

Omg the KAPOOYA KAPOOYA is stuck in my head now hahaha.

zhengning said...

HAHAHA IKR, try both combo, i died from laughter last night.