June 12, 2013

F R A N C O . B R O T H E R S

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j a m e s . f r a n c o
one of the few guys in this world who are worthy of the title, 'gorgeous'. sexiest man alive.
could be the re-encarnation of james dean. god 'accidentally' killed james dean when he was 24 in a car crash and felt guilty for keeping james dean to himself in heaven. so, in effort to mend things in the human world, he created james franco, a man with similar looks and equal if not greater talent. god realized that he couldn't name the new james dean the same name because it would be too suspicious. the angels submitted him into the witness protection programme and gave him the new last name of 'franco'.

d a v e . f r a n c o
james franco's adorable little brother. incredibly handsome, also known as davey as seen in the funny or die videos. he tries 232434 times less than zac efron yet he's 545345 times hotter.

& disclaimer: urbandict was being awesome as usual.

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