June 08, 2013

J'ai reçu un diplôme //

so i officially graduated from np three weeks ago, photo cagradts_zps00478816.jpg photo IMG_9859_zpsd9ea37a2.jpg
 photo IMG_9858_zps774e7fd1.jpg
 photo IMG_9866_zpsc7f02786.jpg
 photo IMG_9851_zps745af224.jpg
 photo IMG_9887_zpsf6b28a0c.jpg photo IMG_9938_zpsd3701ce9.jpg
fucking finally. just sharing a few shots right here. 
i've said this a couple of times, but i'm absolutely thankful for everything that happened, and everyone i met over these three years - be in it school, or not (though i am very much aware that i'm totally inactive in school functions or any major shit, i choose not to) and those who were once there, or are still there for me; safe to say that np was one hell of a ride. all the project woes, and those nights where we had to burn the midnight oil... i dreaded them. so damn much. i was blessed w a close bunch of friends back in year one, though eventually we drifted away, i forged a really close friendship w lishwen and i wouldnt want it any other way. year two was smooth, and i got to meet jp, eunice and clare. these three girls who are genuinely nice and whom i know i could always count on. then it came to the time where we had to choose our specialisation; it wasnt too hard for me to decide. i guessed i owed it to ms fong for showing me the right way, since i really enjoyed her lessons back in year two hrm. and even so when i thought i was all along in year three sem two, i was wrong - i met my anchor girls. my favorite project mates, and i still think that we could make a stellar team (haha) so proud of cheryl and her achievements. again, going to np after sajc did not fucking crossed my mind at all; but look what happened and look where i am now. three years, just zoomed past, and that's it. i've graduated. got to move on.
btw the lego minifigurine was the most perfect gift ever, dont you think?

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