June 21, 2013

Somewhere else,

i wish i could be at somewhere else right now. you know, just anywhere haze-free. gosh this haze shit is suffocating all of us. we need to breathe. i cant imagine how are the indonesian citizens coping, i mean the haze hits them much earlier and it is clearly hazardous. they are having it much worse than us. i sincerely hope everyone's doing themselves good by taking safety precautions, and drinking up at least. it's not much of a help at all, but at least you're doing something for yourself. now it's back to dreaming about being away, and the perfect place to go to would be the beach. perhaps, an island. i'll watch the sun go down, then the moon comes out. midnight at the shoreline for me. go to the sea, and just chill on the beach w cheap bottles of booze, and my man by my side (maybe some more hunky dudes to watch too, seems perfect) and you know what comes next.

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