June 05, 2013

"The surest way to become is to playact."

"whenever you wish to change yourself, but find it difficult, start as children do by pretending that you already are. as you play at being who you wish to become, the playact itself will surely transform you."  
kinda reminds me of what i learnt from school, to fake it till you make it. works.

i saw hangover three last weekend, and as much as i want to say it was full of crap (uh huh), it was still quite a laugh. in fact, i laughed so hard the entire way through. but what made me smiled like an idiot throughout the film was mr bradley cooper - i cant stop staring at him. good god. he should've taken his shirt off while knocking down the wall, like what chow asked him to. i just cant get over how charming he is.

overspent on food today, but i had a great one nonetheless. that said, i really need to watch my spendings, and of course, my diet. who eats five bowls of cereal for dinner? who gains almost five kgs in a month? (i swear i hate the number, five) not too hard to guess. the same person - me.

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