July 01, 2013

You got my back against the ceiling,

someday you'll be loved again.
i could lie and tell you we could still be friends but you know it ain't true.

mom just poached some salmon for me, along w my bowl of oatmeal, and honeydew cut-up i know that's such a weird combination. and then i sinned myself w almost the entire pack of tapioca chips.... i need to hate this thing, but i just cant. that's only dinner, if you wonder. of course, it didnt just end there. we went out for another meal after that lol. i just cant stop eating, gosh. well, i might not be successful in life just yet, but i definitely treat my tummy really well. it's so good to be my tummy (haha whutt)

that being said, i'll be off to taipei tomorrow morning and wont be back until next week - think street food, night market, street food, night market; and that on repeat. but i'm quite excited to try some food though, we even came out w a list of food to try - i call that the do or die list. you know, i'm so gonna ruin my waistline. i'm not even kidding. but taipei, lezz go!

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