August 29, 2013


JT at vma's was ah-mazing. i've had JT feels for a uber long time, and all that future sex love sounds and cry me a river tunes on screen just made it worst. i'm so in love w this man i swear. he's perfection. and the infamous miley cyrus twerking video was nothing but a whole lot of thrash, joke of the day. she looked like she's suffering from some a stroke, no offence, but she needs to put her tongue back in her mouth hole. it's not even sexy.

eight movies in three days. done w kick ass, and the internship of course, just for an update to my previous post. managed to finish two at work too (12hours shift is boringgg goodness, that was my last's anyways) cant stop screaming to the call, it was so tense. it wasnt even a horror movie, yet i cant stop screaming and of course, i was bawling out already. lovelace was really good, so worth it - plus amanda seyfried's amazing. she's so gorgeous, and so naked.

it's one hour into thursday already, which means i'll be catching percy jackson later today.
i'm sucha movie junkie. i love doing movie marathons w you.


"it's not the naked body that's exciting. it's the possibility."

August 27, 2013

“Like sunlight, sunset, we appear, we disappear. 
We are so important to some, but we are just passing through.”

August 22, 2013

City of Bones,

so i got up early this morning to catch the mortal instruments in the cinemas, since i've got plans for the later part of my day. got myself free popcorn as well, since we were the first to purchase tix LOL, yes that's how early i was. well, the movie was...... better than i expected. might be close to perfection. (i am actually really just talking about their looks) but who am i kidding, everyone's so damn goodlooking, so gorgeous. cary, jace, alec, OH simon (i think he's pretty cute) and even valentine!! actually you know what, i think i cant be a movie critic lol. my judgement gets swayed easily by good looks lol, honestly. but i really dont give a shit if most people think that's teenage popcorn slush. haha i did enjoy watching it.

but neways, yeah there's really too many movies to catch this week! (thank got i've got some shaw coupons to help me w this issue)

jobs (DONE)
kick ass 2
the internship
mortal instruments : city of bones (DONE)

hate to whine yet again, but i'm fucking broke. really am. i'm practically living on a budget right now after paying my first sem's school fees, gosh.. how do i even survive this shit without a full time job (that's all on my mind in fact) and i'm eating out every single day, mostly hawker food. hoping this will help a bit.

some old photos to share:
 photo IMG_1600_zps941c65b3.jpg
 photo IMG_1602_zps978e94a8.jpg
 photo IMG_1623_zps84a0645e.jpg
 photo IMG_2675_zps4f07aa93.jpg
 photo IMG_2673_zpsed0b312b.jpg

also, this was so good i cried a fucking river just watching it. so emotional. most incredible performance i've watched in a while. click away guys.

i've got an exciting week ahead.

August 18, 2013

Daily words

today, we believe god wants you to know that ...  
"you've been driving yourself too hard lately."  
sure, there is time to invest yourself fully into work, but there is equally important time for joyful resting. and for you, this time is now. what is the absolutely most wonderful little treat you can give yourself? do it today.

maybe it's time to quit juggling between three part time jobs since school is starting in a week. maybe, maybe. maybe it's time to get a full time job since school is starting in a week. maybe, maybe.

August 15, 2013

Going the distance,

the past few weeks were amazing, i had the best company with me every other day - you. we tried our best to accommodate each other's schedule, just so that we could spend more time together before you leave this place for a year. one whole year... you know i'm trying my best to think of all the upsides of a long distance relationship. it's so hard to imagine that there are even perks to ldr, lol. i never once believed in it even though i've seen lots of successful ones among my peers, but of course, the failure rate very much outweighs the former. months without seeing each other, for real. no more lazy mornings together, late night movie marathons, date nights, running errands, meals, and doing whatever shit together. i cant possibly fly over to be w you as i wished, and what about missing out from each other's life? human interaction over technology anytime for me. i wont get to see you smile, face to face, for a year. i dont get to sit down on the couch, lie next to you, grab and plant kisses all over your face for one whole fucking year. gosh that's bullshit. i wont get to mess up your hair, cook for you, hug you to sleep... no more hugs from you, no more random "can i see you right now" moments. the physical aspect matters more, more than you think. one year. twelve months. uh huh i know, try to make best of out it - we can skype, we can talk on the phone, blah blah blah. i'll try, i'll try. i'll breakdown, for sure. i know that. i'm fucked.

tell me how am i gonna deal w this cross country shit. i need help. 
i dont want anyone else, but you. may we be happy together forever. 

August 11, 2013

Older together,

this time i ran too far away
if you run, i’ll be your renegade
with you, growing older, older, together
we growing older, older together

watch out in the rain
this time i'll wait
this time i'll wait for you

Those were the days.

i really miss drinking my kopi and milo from the saucer. alongside w my $1.80 caifan, my $1 cheecheongfun, and my 70cents fried white kway teow. i used to have them for breakfast everyday when i was in primary school. i fucking get up at 6am so that i can go join my aunt and her aunty friends at the hawker centre for kway teow, and milo, instead of having a slice bread at home. that doesnt mean i skip recess, or lunch. that is also the reason why i was overweight for all my six years in psch. i was a fat, but happy kid. all the stalls i mentioned above, were gone.

ok i lost track. back to where i started, i really miss drinking my kopi and milo from the saucer.
imma coffee addict since young.

ps: i have a huge mosquito bite on my face. yes, damn you mozzie. one hell of an asshole, seriously. of all places, my face?!?! 

August 09, 2013

The long weekend,

the long weekend has been looking good so far. wednesday saw me hanging w my favorite girls, catching up w each other's life over super awesome and cheap thai food at my favorite thai joint, as well as some booze right after. dressed up in b&w prints, still doing that monochrome shit, not retiring yet. i also spent both yesterday and today cooking up meals, or if not, heading out for meals w my folks, piecing up lego pieces (15 sets omgahhh), and doing movie marathons. six in two days. i love doing movie marathons. all my friends know it. sean, thankyou for doing this w me. pyjama-movie-marathon days should happen more frequent. who's gonna do shit w me, when you're gone? no one. i'm gonna be all alone again.......i really dont want to think.
by the way, spring breakers was terrible. most horrible film i've seen in my entire life. the whole movie's just repetitive, i was really, so bored. i dont trust rotten tomatoes anymore.

 photo 8ygfvhj_zpsab1485f8.png
lunch that i whipped up! orange-infused salmon, which is heavily inspired by curtin stone. yeah mate.
 photo IMG_2717_zps3ce05a53.jpg
 photo IMG_2720_zps4be036a8.jpg
oh yes and look at the little detailssssss! freaking genius.

caught skins rise last tuesday. the last episode of skins. oh cook. i just want him to push me up against the wall sometimes, i dont care what he'd do to me. he's so... damaged. james fucking cook. i just cant believe skins is done, over forever. i dont want to move on. ever since i caught the first generation back during jc days, and now season 7 - it's been five years! the whole series has been fucking impactful, at least for me. it's pretty sick what the producers can do to you uh, as a person. skins never disappoints. i'll love this show forever.

August 07, 2013

Extra Virgin Pizza ✌

 photo IMG_0294_zpsb771b5b4.jpg
 photo IMG_0292_zpsf7f6a098.jpg
 photo IMG_0296_zps9e03a121.jpg
we explored the virgin territory sometime ago... okay, scratch that. we simply made a trip to extra virgin pizza, an alfresco pizza joint situated at the cbd. small space, but that didnt really matter as long as they are capable of holding up to what they promised, and most importantly, satisfy one's craving for fresh chewy crusted pizza. it was a week night, and there were ample seats available. we didnt have to wait at all.
 photo 20130618_185151_zpsf3764377.jpg
 photo 20130618_185215_zps297601f0.jpg
having read reviews online on how unique and flavorful the pistachio pesto pizza is, we decided to give it a go. topped w pistachio pesto, mozzarella, baby argula, lemon vinigrette, and parmigiano reggiano shavings, so satisfying (and so healthy) indeed something different from what i usually craved for. the nutty and bitter flavor worked really well together. we also ordered the spotted pig pizza, which was a combination of pork sausage, smoked bacon, spicy pepperoni, pecorino, w tomatoes and mozzarella. direct opposite to the former healthier choice. but this one was a real winner too. and you're right. two 10-inch pizzas for two, definitely too much to handle. we managed to mop everything up though. i highly recommend this joint if you're someone who loves charred thin crust and am looking for a little flavorful adventure. better still, one for one kirin beer on weekdays!

Extra Virgin Pizza
8 Marina View #01-04
Asia Square Tower 1

August 02, 2013

That purpose.

the past july had been one of my busiest months in recent years. that explains the low number of posts as well. despite having made two trips out of town in july, i dont think i'm satisfied w life after all. everything hasnt been going smooth lately, sometimes i feel like i'm just living everyday for the sake of living it. lol am i suffering from a depression or what? put simply, i'm lost. i need to figure things out. i need a purpose. a purpose to be happy.

August 01, 2013


happy photos from months ago. it's no surprise that my pictures here are always lagging behind reality. uh.
 photo 20130629_224623_zpsa7c3a9ec.jpg
 photo 20130603_135247_zpsccb7bd15.jpg
 photo 20130617_121753_zpsbce603c2.jpg
1. been catching lovely local acts in action since 2008 without fail.
2. pretty looking minis from onicupcakes
3. gran-PB. typical breakfast at home (or mid-day snack) i tend to eat three-seven servings of these at a go, pretty sinful.
 photo 20130621_173409_zpse55ab254.jpg
 photo 20130511_185441_zps1afd2cd1.jpg
 photo 20130714_191935_zpsc1a4bcd1.jpg
4. shagged looking cuppa that the barista-wannabe-me made the other day. poor.
5. rare dinner w the family. all the way back in may? which was also the last family dinner we had tgt since then.
6. soupspoon for dinner w @wenshi15 x

 photo IMG_0302_zpsde4a70b5.jpg photo IMG_0306_zps0866e80b.jpg photo IMG_0310_zps06ed0d27.jpg photo IMG_0315_zps3559fc60.jpg photo IMG_0319_zps370798f3.jpg photo IMG_0326_zps4559b9ce.jpg photo IMG_0327_zps1a9580dd.jpg
had a great time catching up (of birthday celebrationz) w the current uk student, manager-in-time-to-come, and zhang lao shi over some yummy korean food.