August 15, 2013

Going the distance,

the past few weeks were amazing, i had the best company with me every other day - you. we tried our best to accommodate each other's schedule, just so that we could spend more time together before you leave this place for a year. one whole year... you know i'm trying my best to think of all the upsides of a long distance relationship. it's so hard to imagine that there are even perks to ldr, lol. i never once believed in it even though i've seen lots of successful ones among my peers, but of course, the failure rate very much outweighs the former. months without seeing each other, for real. no more lazy mornings together, late night movie marathons, date nights, running errands, meals, and doing whatever shit together. i cant possibly fly over to be w you as i wished, and what about missing out from each other's life? human interaction over technology anytime for me. i wont get to see you smile, face to face, for a year. i dont get to sit down on the couch, lie next to you, grab and plant kisses all over your face for one whole fucking year. gosh that's bullshit. i wont get to mess up your hair, cook for you, hug you to sleep... no more hugs from you, no more random "can i see you right now" moments. the physical aspect matters more, more than you think. one year. twelve months. uh huh i know, try to make best of out it - we can skype, we can talk on the phone, blah blah blah. i'll try, i'll try. i'll breakdown, for sure. i know that. i'm fucked.

tell me how am i gonna deal w this cross country shit. i need help. 
i dont want anyone else, but you. may we be happy together forever. 

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