August 01, 2013


happy photos from months ago. it's no surprise that my pictures here are always lagging behind reality. uh.
 photo 20130629_224623_zpsa7c3a9ec.jpg
 photo 20130603_135247_zpsccb7bd15.jpg
 photo 20130617_121753_zpsbce603c2.jpg
1. been catching lovely local acts in action since 2008 without fail.
2. pretty looking minis from onicupcakes
3. gran-PB. typical breakfast at home (or mid-day snack) i tend to eat three-seven servings of these at a go, pretty sinful.
 photo 20130621_173409_zpse55ab254.jpg
 photo 20130511_185441_zps1afd2cd1.jpg
 photo 20130714_191935_zpsc1a4bcd1.jpg
4. shagged looking cuppa that the barista-wannabe-me made the other day. poor.
5. rare dinner w the family. all the way back in may? which was also the last family dinner we had tgt since then.
6. soupspoon for dinner w @wenshi15 x

 photo IMG_0302_zpsde4a70b5.jpg photo IMG_0306_zps0866e80b.jpg photo IMG_0310_zps06ed0d27.jpg photo IMG_0315_zps3559fc60.jpg photo IMG_0319_zps370798f3.jpg photo IMG_0326_zps4559b9ce.jpg photo IMG_0327_zps1a9580dd.jpg
had a great time catching up (of birthday celebrationz) w the current uk student, manager-in-time-to-come, and zhang lao shi over some yummy korean food.

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