August 29, 2013


JT at vma's was ah-mazing. i've had JT feels for a uber long time, and all that future sex love sounds and cry me a river tunes on screen just made it worst. i'm so in love w this man i swear. he's perfection. and the infamous miley cyrus twerking video was nothing but a whole lot of thrash, joke of the day. she looked like she's suffering from some a stroke, no offence, but she needs to put her tongue back in her mouth hole. it's not even sexy.

eight movies in three days. done w kick ass, and the internship of course, just for an update to my previous post. managed to finish two at work too (12hours shift is boringgg goodness, that was my last's anyways) cant stop screaming to the call, it was so tense. it wasnt even a horror movie, yet i cant stop screaming and of course, i was bawling out already. lovelace was really good, so worth it - plus amanda seyfried's amazing. she's so gorgeous, and so naked.

it's one hour into thursday already, which means i'll be catching percy jackson later today.
i'm sucha movie junkie. i love doing movie marathons w you.

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