October 13, 2013

Drinking from the bottle,

i am totally unsure of the volume consumed last night. stumbled home at around 7am this morning, greeted my dad (oh my parents are real early birds even on weekends), and puked right out in front of him. what a winner right. i never got out of bed (this is really something because most people know that i dont sleep more than five hours a day) then again, i can never sleep properly when i had too much to drink. threw up a couple of times, spent the day w my face on my desk, if not, lying on my bed and couch. i've had worst though. well, good thing's that i dont get hangovers too often, it's been sometime since i got to this state again - absolutely dislike that feeling when you know you had a tad too much, and you are still drunk when you wake up... that really sucks. but i'll never learn. something tells me that these bad times arent exactly bad afterall, and i'm always convinced to drink more or something stronger the next round.

sir paul at jimmy fallon's, so witty, so cool. what a legend.

despite catching a few shows at the same time right now (thevoice usa, xfactor uk, xfactor usa), i've started watching masterchef junior and gosh it's amazing. im so embarrassed. even though i started cooking when i was like, nine? i think i suck at whatever i do haha. im good at.. nothing. oh, and just two days had me catching two full seasons of supersize vs superskinny. that's how busy i am when im at work.

you're welcome.

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