October 30, 2013

Food for thought,

"when you find the right person, it should not be boredom that ensues, but immense comfort as you begin to know the other person like yourself. to be able to sit down with someone and not care about you look or act, to share the same inside jokes and memories, is the greatest luxury anyone can ever, ever have.
new people bring excitement, a thrill of the unknown. but we always discard our new jeans for our old ones, simply because they mould to our every curve with ease, and they always, always make us feel good about ourselves." - (source)

on a totally unrelated note, my colleague bought me four mini chiffon cakes this afternoon YAY!! - but on a mission to make me fat. sigh i cant say no to cakezxz. came home to four cereal boxes last night, i can have a whole box of cereal for just one a meal (yes go wtf) i think i mentioned it before. i actually collected cereal boxes from all the cereals i had since june. i shall do a count this december, im sure it'd be shocking.

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