November 25, 2013

Anger Management 101

my blood pressure has gone so high all thanks to that dude sitting four metres right across me. i dont get angry that easily, but this dude has been testing my patience on a daily basis, i cant even. so much negativity going through me all thanks to you fat fuck, and i need an outlet to vent!!!! oh god. i dont whine at every single thing, but this guy, is totally from another planet.

>> 20 things to do when you're feeling angry with someone <<

“if you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow.”
and this is what i call the ultimate bull. not useful at all.

first, some kind of people dont even deserve that tiny bit of patience given to them.
and if you do (sometimes i'd like to be nice) they ride over your fucking head.
in the end? you find yourself fuming, even more and worse than what it was in the first place.

and as you all know, me being me, i dont hide anything, and i always express my anger (when i'm super calm of course) i hate it when people control me, so what if you're my superior, so what if you're my boss? dont even try to. i miss working in the f&b, i had so much fun working every single day - meeting really interesting people at work, taking things easy, lots of shit talk and of course, i've made amazing friends. and now, why am i here i wonder. shit ass deskbound, i'd never like it deskbound at the first place (and even better, i've got no one to talk to in the office) - i mean if not for the pay i am getting, if not for the fact that i have to pay my school fees.

why am i even bothering so much about that guy four metres across?
dude. you're insignicifant and you have no control over me.

im but a fat girl fuming all over now. need to do some shit to stimulate some happy juice in my brain instead of feeding my emotions.

i think i need a timeout before the next eruption takes place. lol.

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