November 06, 2013

Halloween '13

 photo IMG_3229_zps00e8b05f.jpg  photo imgg9654rfvbn_zpsa81132c5.jpg
had to throw together last minute costumes/makeup. sugarskull + lacedress i got from osf back in 2009 (cheapskate halloween outfit idea hi guys) not too bad uh!

zouk w wanting and vickii,  photo oiuytgfvgbnjmk_zpse88884f0.jpg  photo IMG_3230_zpsea305628.jpg  photo tumblr_mvby4pV9vR1qzj78oo2_1280_zpsf375d60d.jpg
w black swan, wonderwoman, and bandit girls. i think i need some captain america lovin' next year hahaha

the night before, i won myself some invites to hotfm91.3's mustdrinkfriday's event at amber nectar. consider that as a pre halloween party? animalfever was the theme. everyone's so busy to even hang out, let alone going to a party, and even dressing up for it. thank goodness my two bestest are ever sporting. +10 for spontaneity. we loved the idea of free flow beer all night. it was a great night w my favorite two, we got so high (on beer LOL) and i broke my heels. had to threw my heels away otw. went home w katy perry's prism and boys like girl's older album as well. 
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met up w wenshit right after work to do our makeup (sigh working woes) i was a... leopard. and wenshit was the lovely fox (how do you sound again?) +10 effort to weijie, gosh he bought the fabric and made a cape, as well as his TIGER TAIL. he even painted his sneakers!
 photo 1425523_10152194828095101_2002479066_n_zps66f17736.jpg
i cant seduce cheryl miles like how weijie did, all i could was to give her my warmest hug haha. i looked really bad here though.
 photo 941288_10152194828825101_923284301_n_zps20fcf658.jpg
we bumped into damian as well. oh and the cow? that's shan wee!
 photo 644493_10152194828855101_1423203432_n_zps9fd7b442.jpg
josh as.... an eagle?
 photo IMG_3151_zpsce49e356.jpg
adam and bt were mermaids lollll
 photo IMG_3133_zps2f7073a4.jpg
my favorite outfit was charmaine yee's! super cute.
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 photo IMG_3184_zps7f15dbdd.jpg  photo IMG_3180_zps7dbe89f8.jpg  photo IMG_3203_zps843ce2f1.jpg  photo IMG_3198_zps0abe615f.jpg photo IMG_3200_zps033507b0.jpg
WAPAPAPAPAPAPOW!!!!! sorry i cant help it
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this safari dude needs to be tamed. someone please?
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teng + my foxy girliee
 photo IMG_3216_zpsc9fbdeaa.jpg
at bungy bar for round two + live bandz. i swear one day i might just run up to the stage, grab whatever mic's there and sing shit at a random bar. when im high, when im high.

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