November 16, 2013

Pasarbella // Meeting Geroge Young

and so this happened two weeks ago (3/11)....
 photo IMG-20131103-WA0020_zps6ea91be8.jpg
 i met george young in person! gosh, grabbed a photo w him, and caught him cooking in action (apparently he was promoting hubalicious), but srsly, how cool was that.

 photo 20131103_150205_zps54c726fb.jpg
 photo 20131103_144846_zps6ace0660.jpg photo 20131103_143821_zps00035a6e.jpg
w chef james goodenough of james butchery and co.
and yes, as you can see, my s3 didnt fail me at all. in fact, the shots are pretty fine, at least i'd like to think so.

 photo 20131103_151909_zps978481d7.jpg
gourmet wagyu steak sandwich

and i thought that was it. i made it to the newspaper the following day:
 photo thenewpaperGeorgeYoungFeature041113_zpsb279481b.jpg
hahaha i died when andy and ian posted this on my wall, seriously they did that?

quote the new paper,
"in the age of social media, some things are still better to good old fashion chance. student ng zhengning, 21, has been a big fan of chinese-greek actor-host george young since 2011. miss ng turned to instagram in the hopes of meeting the heart throb in the flesh some day. but whenever young would post a picture of his whereabouts, she could never catch him in time. yesterday, fate finally intervened"

HAHA omg im so embarrassed, the whole article sounds like MY story, ie how much i have to go through and shit to meet him (you get what i mean?) instead of focusing on him and the show. and no, i did not stalk him on instagram, im not a crazy fangirl hokay! i just briefly mentioned instagram... and apparently, i've said too much.

"miss ng's friend had asked her out for lunch at pasarbella@the grandstand where young, incidentally, was a featured celebrity chef alongside culinary stars eric lanlard and wilin low. not only did miss ng finally get to meet young in person, she took a picture with him...... miss ng told the new paper, "the most amazing thing was i had no idea that george was going to be there."

which is true. how lucky am i? thank god that lishwen took me out to pasarbella that day. and yes, the best things in life are always unexpected. so applicable.

"it's a dream come true for me and i think he looks even better in person than he does on TV"

HAHA WHUT #ohnotheydidnt i swear. everyone thinks im a crazy fan girl. he read it (he even posted it), and he'll remember me as a..... crazy fangirl. oh man...
nonetheless, it was good fun! i had a great sunday w my lovely sundate. and of course, meeting george's one hell of a pleasant surprise x

some shots from pasarbella, i'd love to go there as frequent as i can, if it weren't so inconvenient. you got to have a car man, to solve problems like that.
 photo 20131103_115111_zps8ab5fc28.jpg

 photo 20131103_115017_zpsf2b1fbe7.jpg
 photo 20131103_114306_zpsad2e1fa5.jpg
 photo 20131103_114346_zps12c67d45.jpg
 photo 20131103_112817_zpsd6fc0401.jpg
 photo 20131103_121531_zps2eaf9959.jpg
tomato pasta from cicely kitchen; fluffy coconut pancakes drizzled w organic longan honey from mekhala (which was good!!)
 photo 20131103_115403_zpse6ea31c5.jpg
 photo 20131103_114645_zpsa3690dba.jpg
 photo 20131103_114046_zpsbfe3d205.jpg
 photo 20131103_113415_zpsec3da3bf.jpg
 photo 20131103_114432_zpsfa2ffd30.jpg

this isnt part of pasarbella; we had some superb cheese fries at omasake burger, right after lunch. how greedy? hahaha, well yet to try their burger (how slow i know) and everyone's raving about how fantastic their burger is - which im convinced.
 photo 20131103_130755_zps47f18b53.jpg

1 comment:

Azimuth CH said...

Nice post on PasarBella. Had a recent terrible experience with Cicely Kitchen in PasarBella though.

My partner ordered Brussels sprouts and sauteed mushrooms at Cicely Kitchen. Was informed that it would take 5-8mins. Instead, she was made to wait over for 30mins.

When asked if the food was ready, the staff’s reply was there were many orders before hers. My partner’s sis told the teenage staff that he should have informed my partner earlier instead. We had gotten other food and were waiting for her return.

I guess this comment must have peeved the boss Alicia Lin off. She came over, scooped the food from the cooking pan and chucked it to my partner & her sis. She said curtly “Nah, take it, take it.”

Unfortunately, the food was not worth the wait of my family of 7 as both dishes were overly salty. Not wanting to waste our appetite on mediocre food (no problem though with the Boston lobsters, prawns, fish, paella, crackling roast, Iberico pork, russian cakes and the wonderful ale that we ordered), I took the sprouts back to Cicely Kitchen, told the crew that it was too salty and they can have it back. Sauteed mushroom got chucked unceremoniously into the bin. Anyway, I was not expecting any money back.

I believe if you want to run a F&B business, the least you can do is to be respectful of your patrons and cook them decent food. Else, you really should not be in this line. Based on what I read in The Straits Times SoShiok article, maybe home cook “extraordinaire” Alicia Lin knows that the end is near hence the terrible attitude.

Don’t take my words for it. Maybe my palate was tainted by the Iberico pork and lobsters. You can try Cicely Kitchen again and see if you like it better the next time.

Well, I certainly didn’t……