December 09, 2013

Visuals: La Ristrettos

(taken back in sept)
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talk about efficiency. well guys, i'm finally done with my last paper for this year (say hello to three weeks break - only three weeks?!?! sadly yes) december has been really awesome so far, minus the fact that my paper falls the day after my birthday. which means, of course, i spent my birthday studying for that damn paper. i have more time to blog now, but i dont think people are actually reading this since everyone's on ig or even dayre? i dont knw about dayre, but i dont think i want to hop on to the bandwagon just yet.

checked out la ristrettos w sean back in sept when he's still in town. i was really attracetd to the lovely space and decors from pictures on instagram (haha but of course) i love brick walls. i love how homely it make people feel, and of course it is a huge draw for me. the cafe is relatively small though, but they do have outdoor seatings. we were there on a weekday, and thus it was really quiet, and at one point, we had the whole cafe to ourselves - which i liked! i mean who would've guessed that such a gem exist within a medical centre? but of course, due to word of mouth, instagram and other forms of social media, this place is known now. not one of them hipster cafes, but definitely worth a visit!

La Ristrettos
10 Sinaran Drive, #08-37
Novena Medical Centre
Singapore 307506

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