January 29, 2014

Fusilli Al Tonno

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i whipped a simple meal (actual day) to celebrate christmas. it's really easy to prepare! well pan seared salmon is a no brainer. just remember to season it with salt and cracked pepper before cooking it. for the pasta, i decided to go with spinach and toms - think christmas colors! i'll throw the recipe below, thank you finecooking.com for the inspiration.

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fusilli al tonno

tuna flakes in extra virgin olive oil
drained and chopped cherry tomatoes
blanched spinach
parsley and italian herbs (i used mccormick's)
fusilli for two (pasta of your choice)
a squeeze of fresh lemon juice
garlic powder (you can use chopped garlic)
garlic salt and cracked pepper to taste

add salt to a large pot of boiling water, and cook the fusilli until al dente. drain the pasta.
meanwhile, in a large skillet, heat up the tuna flakes. add in tomatoes, blanched spinach (i had it blanched separately), lemon juice, and garlic powder and cook for an additional two minutes. season with a little salt, parsley and italian herbs. pour the drained pasta in the skillet, and stir everything together for 30seconds to allow the flavors to combine. top it with more cracked pepper as you wished, chilli flakes or even grated cheese!

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also lately, i cant stop snacking at all - thanks to CNY. my favorite cny snacks are seaweed crackers (deep fried crispy seaweed), deep fried crispy crabstick, and roasted cashew nut. haha not so cny-ish after all, but my house has plenty of them snacks! we have gifts from different families every year. too much bak kwa and pineapple tarts at home right now oh well, i'll be back soon. happy chinese new year all!

January 27, 2014

You're the one for me.

this song is absoulte music to my ears. and visually, an actual #foodporn lol

January 25, 2014


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spent close to $200 on nastygal at work today. 8 items!!!!!! ohmy. this is what sales can do to girls, especially me. last night saw me spending on two local blogshops too. i have no control at all.

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also, i figured this is the reason why god chose not to bless me w boobs (im completely flat chest even if i try to push all i can) my new year/bday/christmas/whatever wish every year's the same - give me larger boobs. but i never got it. god knows this is my choice of clothes if i were to have them :'(

January 15, 2014

Visuals: Creamier

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here's another icecream joint nestled in the heartland area - been around for quite sometime already though. i first knew this place from facebook, probably two years back? im not sure. but i know my friend, vivien, frequents here and she loves it! it's a little out of the way for me, since i dont stay around TPY, but that doesnt matter. i will, and always will travel for food.

we were here on a weekday, so i was really expecting lesser crowd. but this place is perpetually filled! we had queued a while, but didnt get seats, so we took a walk before heading back - yes on a weekday! i've heard nothing but good things about the waffles here, so it's no surprise that i chose to have waffles instead of the usual ice cream cone. well to be honest, i think that the waffles wasnt fantastic, i've had better ones! but it wasnt bad either, just not as fluffy as i thought it would be. but then again, this is a icecream cafe right? the main star here is their icecream i supposed. we had a scoop of pistachio, and a scoop of horlicks choc chips. yeah youre right, i picked the two flavors lol. how selfish of me to choose only my favorite ones haha, but i have to say that their pistachio icecream was on point! good. i had a really bad experience at this particular joint in the west. im not going to pinpoint, but it's not hard to find. they served me spoilt ones oh my god. that said, my favorite avocado icecream's from dailyscoop still though. 

still, this place is worth a visit!

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Creamier Handcrafted Ice Cream and Coffee
Blk 128, Toa Payoh Lor 1
#01-835 Singapore 310128

January 09, 2014

Travel Plans '14

most of you are aware that i dont come from a rich family, so i dont get to travel a lot when i was younger. but i do have a bit of savings, and i have been constantly working part time for all three years when im in poly, and now when im in university, im in fact in full swing - i work full time in an office. and ever since then, i made this goal to myself that, going forward, i will travel at least three times a year. that's not a lot to ask for, i mean yeah besides the fact that i need time off work! i dont have much days off, and i still have to attend classes in school, so this one's a bit tricky.

 photo London-Eye-view_zps546f23a2.jpg  photo 130109123831-london-underground-baker-street-roundel-horizontal-large-gallery_zpsf67f5969.jpg  photo unique_london_tours_mod_zps50c53c52.jpg  photo tumblr_lo9jcpWT141qzrkblo1_500Iloveyouforever_zps8856c112.jpg  photo Pyramid-at-Louvre-Museum_Paris_France_zpscb7b5cb7.jpg
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following my '12 and '13 posts, i shall share my plans for this year. (oh please take me to london already)
it's looking pretty amazing to me so far though. this isnt a dream anymore! last year, i managed to strike one huge thing to me off my travel bucket list, that is to see the cherry blossoms in japan, and this year, i cant wait to take eat a fucking baguette in paris, take coupley shots at the eiffel tower (HAHA i know, please dont judge me people), and in fact, im gonna meet up w minh, that cutie i knew four years ago from.... chatroulette. i think i shared the story before, i even had a crush on him. but yeah i will again after meeting him up for real. this is going to be so amazing

back to my previous travel plans' posts, i fulfilled them all except for aussie'13 that was supposed to be uluru or perth. not sure if i could try to squeeze this in this year...., probably put that on hold first. im hoping to head to cambodia to look for pauline sometime in the first half of the year. another french lady that i met online, and we send mails to each other constantly every since. she actually shifted from 6000 miles away, to cambodia, for six months! well actually, i've told her to expect me there already, i just havent got my tickets booked yet. i cant wait to see her in real life too. also, i'll like to throw in a beach destination when sean returns for good during the last quarter of the year. that's not set in stone yet, but we'll see. pretty crazy run this year, im really excited.

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January 02, 2014

happy end of 2013 / hello even happier 2014

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oh and i went semi-rogue last december - always wanted to do this. now imagine a corporate slave w this hair.

2013 has been a hectic year with graduating from np, and of course, a lot of job hops (i was even juggling between three part time jobs at one point lol) life went pretty mundane since september as i got a FT job and started school at the same time. looking back at the goals i made for this year, i did managed to travel and visited three countries; i managed to take more chances, meet more people; and of course, i think i ate very well the entire year lol.

i dont have much to wish for the new year, but i do want to get lots of new experiences, and stop worrying about the past. one other thing that i tell myself every year is to be spontaneous, and dont wait for the 'right moment' or make the 'right decision' because nothing's right. and one last thing to remember: daydream and smile on a daily basis.
2014 ought to be an exciting one.