February 25, 2014

Sweet endings.

  • banana bread pudding. w choc chips, cinnamon banana and vanilla icecream.
  • lemon posset w fresh berries and butter cookies. 

{ Rider's Cafe }
51 Fairways Dr, S286965

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#throwdamnback this was back in september'13. seriously, there is no way i can keep my blog up to date.

February 22, 2014

I need you to know, that i need you.

it's enough for me,
living in my dreams,
i just can't be bothered,
why should i be bothered?

my time is up
i need you to know, that i need you,
don't you walk away, i'm feeling so high
from my arms, from my lips to my eyes

February 19, 2014

in ^ p i c t u r e s

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1. the boy surprised me w flowers at the office, even though he's miles away. major love.
2. came home early on vday night (fuck exams) and mom surprised me w this.
3. egg and avos - oh probably the best combi ever.
4. dinner over skype w my man.

 photo 20131231_202144_zps0b4e2d2d.jpg photo 20131229_182431e_zpsf0912ec8.jpg photo 20131231_183700e_zps430963d0.jpg
5. partyyyyyyy
6. ootd to a wedding dinner back in december. apparently i've got three wedding dinners to attend this year alone.. maybe four.
7. w my favorite stylecrush @ulimali

feeling blessed.

i just want you to know that you are absolutely precious to me, and i fucking love the fact that you are mine. i've never wanted us to be that far apart for so long, but through all of these, i've learnt to cherish you more than before. but mostly, still hating this distance shit. fuck you 6000 miles. if i were near you, i'd hug and plant kisses all over your face, annoy you in every single way i can, and you'll have to give me back massages. i only wish to be by your side and with no one else (minus all my superheroes boyfriends) the last three odd years have not always been easy; we have had our ups and downs, you still stuck through till the end when you had every reason to leave. i hate myself for choosing out, and left out of your life for a good six months. i must be crazy, mostly stupid. you are a blessing that my entire being is thankful for. i love you.