February 19, 2014

in ^ p i c t u r e s

 photo IMG_3680_zpsb590f360.jpg
 photo IMG_3710_zpsc9eccffa.jpg
 photo IMG_3287_zps602dc874.jpg
 photo IMG_3255_zps18fccfae.jpg
1. the boy surprised me w flowers at the office, even though he's miles away. major love.
2. came home early on vday night (fuck exams) and mom surprised me w this.
3. egg and avos - oh probably the best combi ever.
4. dinner over skype w my man.

 photo 20131231_202144_zps0b4e2d2d.jpg photo 20131229_182431e_zpsf0912ec8.jpg photo 20131231_183700e_zps430963d0.jpg
5. partyyyyyyy
6. ootd to a wedding dinner back in december. apparently i've got three wedding dinners to attend this year alone.. maybe four.
7. w my favorite stylecrush @ulimali

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