April 08, 2014

Hold it down,

celebrated and attended cx and wenshit's convocation last week, big day! so proud of these two:
 photo 1403785_10152147006933323_2140722784_o_zpsed072d7e.jpg photo 123450_zps08c1101f.jpg photo 012345_zps232c8bf1.jpg
we might be employed, but life always has a way to take us into new directions and infinite possibilities. embrace what dreams are important to you, and own them. here's to many exciting new futures and all the happiness that comes with it. congratulations again my two absolute favorite girlies x

#throwback to bbq at marcus's! three weeks ago i think. he made some dope asparagus wrapped w spicy bacon! and these guys are so technology savvy (not even kidding at all) we took selfies using marcus's TV! how cool's that.
 photo bbq_zps16ac8340.jpg
 photo 9uygvb_zpsbca3cd62.jpg photo mbcedf_zpsd77e3d53.jpg photo pnvd_zps8af73bf9.jpg photo uytfgh_zps3c425f8d.jpg photo bb2_zps5eb5dd75.jpg photo 87ytghjm_zpsd5f22a3b.jpg photo 87trfghj_zpsdd3bf325.jpg

my uni life for you so far. so what if im studying part time? i meet awesome people too :')

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