April 15, 2014

Midday thoughts,

i have a lot of respect for anyone who is able and willing to pay for their child's higher education. there are many parents who are unable to support their children during their higher education. for myself, i have to work full time and i can barely support myself.. there's just so many things to pay for - entertainment, day to day things, and school. school fees' definitely the biggest burden ever. but i know, i do need that fucking piece of paper, it is going to be worth it. i hope these people realise how lucky they are to have their parents pay for their higher education. dont assume that all parents pay for their kids' education. you dont see it, but it is a fucking big deal. it's a lot of money. i swear i'll work so damn hard so that my kids dont have to worry and suffer in future, not gonna rob my kids off from any opportunities.

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