April 22, 2014

The bane of exams

work is insane lately. i hardly even have time to go on facebook or study while at work (haha well.... i used to be able to) and how lucky i am, this is my exam week!!?!?! gosh. yep you're right again, im pretty much screwed for this exam. sigh after fifteen years, im still in this cycle. another year and a half till i get out of it.

YES PLEASE but sadly, this doesnt apply to me for this mod because everything is tested. still, whatever i studied, please. SHOW UP. the rest, you can appear again next year. dont bother me now.
still going to put my notes next to my bed the day before exam, i believe in diffusion theory. still going to put on my lucky hoodie and use my lucky ballpoint pen (i hate ballpoint pens but i just have to use them for exam because it's my goodluck pen)

shall try to put together a post on my recent trip to amsterdam-paris-london, and not so recent trip to krabi! i know, krabi was back in july last year.. also, time to restring my guitar (i've been procrastinating for such a long time) im intending to start a little project but nothing is set in stone yet. oh and of course, i need to tidy up my room - too messy as if typhoon just swapt past some time ago. dont get me wrong, normally im a very tidy person. but during exam period, i dont know what happened.


incoherent post.
it's okay. that's just me.

g b
o y
o e

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