May 12, 2014

Gradual Ombre.

i always feel terrible when i neglect this space.

 photo IMG_6234edit_zpsc38be3fe.jpg

 photo IMG_6199e_zps2d200e1c.jpg

 photo IMG_6189e_zps81769915.jpg  photo IMG_6183e_zps42756a9e.jpg

went for a haircut/dye right after my last exam. did a gradual ombre and snipped off at least six inches of my hair! i really liked this look though, but it's quite a hassle if i have to curl my locks every other day, especially when i cant even get up for work sometimes. i was deciding between this or sienna miller's rose gold hair. that color's for spring/summer. but then again, i had work in my mind.... well. i love this love hate relationship with hair care, sigh. seriously it cost a bomb, yet we all need to have nice hair! wish i could act my wage though.

my post on surviving long distance relationship was featured on! you can view it here.

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