June 30, 2014


fucking love this team. they even took time to send gifts to their supporters back at home. how sweet that is! another reason to love hazard and gang.

i would also love to be there:
kill it already.
so proud of #belreddevils.

beyond heartbreaking night (or rather day over at the other end) for mexicans. dream team they were called, with the brick wall of mexico (ochoaaa!!!) they did so well, but just had to give it away to the diverlands at the end. im just rooting for colombia and belgium right now. the best teams goes home in the end, apparently it's better to be lucky than be good this worldcup. still trying to recoup my losses, i believe i can do it. haha

June 24, 2014

By my side,

wish i was by your side too, balmer...

June 22, 2014

HAHAHA this is genius
source: buzzfeed

June 16, 2014

Burn For You

jim sturgess much? i dont care. i could listen to you all day, balmer. my three favorite performance this sing-off. everyones' so crazily talented! aussie music over american music anytime.

June 15, 2014


not a crazy football fan, i dont watch every soccer matches in respective leagues religiously, i only catch critical and hyped up ones. but i've never missed a single world cup since i first started watching back in primary school, that was 2002. well probably because asia (japan and south korea) hosted it and i had to watch it somehow, i just had to. the world cup's just brilliant, every single one. everyone's so into it, showing all the enthusiasm, and selling their soul all to it. and i'll always remember the good times shared w my dad and family over watching the games. i hardly talk to my dad, at all, ever since some incident between us back when i was in jc, though it's already long gone, we just dont click anymore. even if i or we tried to. at least not to where we were. for the past three nights, i was really happy we could sit down and talk about football over meals (sorry mom!) stayed up late to catch the opening match even though i had exams work and exams the next day, and had myself glued to my laptop catching four matches straight last night (sigh and injecting so much food into my mouth hole) 
5PA1N the other day was painful to watch, they got spanked so hard. and italia this morning, was brilliant. marchisio tho, that hot father of two. plus there's so many young and dynamic football stars this world cup, living up to their hype! some crazy talented youngsters right there and im so excited for them (then i start thinking what i am doing at their age - 19, 20 and feel bad about myself) haha it's a vicious cycle i could just go on and on.

not expecting italia to win though, but look at them team italia all looking so sharp?!!!
they get it. they get it all the time...

time for breakfast.

June 11, 2014

Hello june,

we've hopped on to june, im still wasting my time away - not. phnom penh was swell, i'll do a post i promise (an europe as well as a phnom penh post coming up by before july i hohohopefully) counting down to forty eight days before reuniting with sean. im anticipating a staycation to celebrate another milestone in our lifes, a belated birthday celebration for him, and also our annual summer getaway to a beach destination. i love summer.

i've got a paper to sit for this coming saturday, as usual, nowhere near prepared. i'll never learn. so, god bless me.
someone please, watch the world cup w meeeee.

June 03, 2014

Robbie Balmer

still sending shivers down my spine. hate to compare with the voice usa and uk (especially im a big fan since the first season, but urgh disappointment) but srsly, the voice au! wow, such much talent. im very impressed.