July 27, 2014

Soft skinned covered shells,

Late night stories

Running naked, cutting through the breeze
Kissing your eyes
Walking onto our friends
Catching stars and seas
Presses up to me
Whispers “Take me”
Soft skinned covered shells
And the taste of bells
To the atmos-greet

July 24, 2014


 photo camcmts_zps1efda4ff.jpg
them eyes. (tell me again why do i love spaniards?)
this guy bossed the midfield this morning, so happy watching him play :')

met yilin for lunch today, everywhere's crowded at cbd during lunch time. cant believe i have survived a little more than nine months already wowww. might do a cbd lunch edition post. 'might' is the key word hahaha pretty keen to do a #zncbdlunch version though, might need some time to reorganize my folders and shit.

 photo 8yghjkcats_zps2c0ab95a.jpg
 photo PSX_20140620_155446_zps74ca92d1.jpg
 photo 20140715_122917_zps5278c6bf.jpg
 photo 20140612_123044_zps44dcc914.jpg
1) munch saladsmith (one raffles place)
2) flatwhite from strangers' at work (the arcade)
3) aussie roll (chevron's house) - YOU MAI YUMMO LOVE
4) salmon lunch w ying and ming at i-dont-remember-where-at-china-square. i'll find out next week.
5) pesto pasta w wenshit at orchard gateway. cant get enough of pesto.

 photo PSX_20140607_183514e_zps6af7a1e4.jpg
and of course, a shameless selfie. mouthie. smil-fie. whatever.

i love how this post's so..... vibrant.

July 23, 2014

5ive more days.

 photo IMG-20130914-WA0010_zpsb7a56551.jpg
sending sean off at the airport. this was one year ago.

"the most important thing to go forward in a long distance relationship is to know that the distance will end sooner or later, so you can be together."
we havent skyped for a month since you have been traveling non stop (and i'm so fucking jealoussss) i hate being so far from you though i know you're probably having the time of your life. would absolutely kill to see you right now - to be held by you, to hug you for a long time, to get a kiss. i miss you so much. days like that where i really just fucking miss you but i cant do anything about it, different time zones and tight budget restricted me to do so. it's just not the same without you around. fuckkk. im so happy that it's finally down to five days. five days more and i can officially put skype chats and virtual dates with my man to an end. i just want to do crazy things with you.

 photo 20130911_221304_zpsb03b8c00.jpg
you are everything to me. we just fit.

A smile, a greeting, a happy face ..

At the transfer desk, I get two football fanatics, one is checked in and the other not, "can you check me in Love". They were not seated next to each other in the business compartment , "would you like to sit together sir?" Any doubt,, I want a few hours of rest joked the other one. ‘’cheers’’

A loving family of six with their 10 pieces luggage that I had to put in the system. "After long time we're returning home"

It was busy at the check in desk, so I went there to help my colleagues.

A child smiling and waving at me.

They thank me for my help so she could sit together. excited children "mom when do we see our luggage again?"

The crew running towards me waving and signaling. They were ready to drop their luggage at the baggage belt.

A man who is about to start a new life in Malaysia.

A family get dropped off by their grandparents, kids first holiday far away.

Grandma makes photos of how her children and grand children check in. This time I do not mind that I am in the picture.

Arriving at the gate G03 a young man asked if he has time to buy something quickly. "Of course, sir, if you only ensures that you are back here at 1130."

My colleague helps an elderly woman inside, all the way to her seat in row 21, she had difficulty walking and traveling alone. The lady had the same name (one letter difference) as the son of my colleague and said that she would remembered the name.

I appeal to everyone to go to the toilet before they enter the gate because there are no toilet facilities at gate G03. A few passengers went back out of the line.

A woman traveling with her husband and her mother still asks her mother a few times if she had to go to the toilet, the elderly lady has a bladder problem. I allowed them to wait outside and they can come inside the priority line when their ready.

A newly married couple, on the way to their honeymoon.

A beautiful little girl hold by her mother, her father behind them pushing the stroller. What is she beautiful, a half Dutch half Malaysian with beautiful big eyes. She kindly smiled at me.

A man who could still join the flight to be on time for the funeral of his mother.

Grandchildren traveling with their grandparents.

Suddenly I see a familiar face, it is our colleague from the MH ticket counter

He proudly shows me his son, wife and daughter. With a big smile he waved "See you soon"

A woman wants to go out of the gate to use the toilet, unfortunately, we have already begun boarding and nobody can go out. "May I board first then?" of course.

I walk quickly along with the last two passengers who may eventually join the flight, and what are they happy ...

A final farewell to the crew, till next time!

And then we removed the bridge.

Passengers traveling for business, on the way home, on the way to family, on the way to their holiday, on the way to a new beginning ...

Group travel, families, couples, individuals, infants, children, grandmothers, grandfathers, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, partners, uncles, aunts, colleagues, friends, neighbors, acquaintances.

The last time I saw them, talked to them and wish them a pleasant flight the passengers of flight MH017 on the 17th of Jul 2014.

One last smile, one last salute, a happy face ...

+ Rest in peace dear passengers & crew +

On behalf of the ground handling agents of flight MH017 on Thursday 17-07-2014

completely soaked w tears at work reading this, i know im not the only one affected by this. in fact the whole world is mourning, this is a tragedy. so cruel. reminds us not to take our days and each other for granted. we never know that last smile shared, could be the final moment shared ever. may they rest in peace.
this is also why i make it a point to say 'see you' or 'see you again', instead of goodbye. fuck.
and for the nth time, please go fuck yourself russia.

July 22, 2014

A short.

hi guys, i havent been well at all lately. working woes struck hard. i would love to just sleep away with it, but it gets to me some point of time i just want to let it all out at someone, i can just go on and on. urgh, need to learn how to tolerate better. school hasnt been great either, trying to cope well with these two. also have been deleting a lot of photos from my ig, i think close to hundred and fifty along the way. i post too much nonsense sometimes.

some serious throwback sesh again:
 photo 20131025_185515_zps2f95b7ec.jpg
1) i was at real food. the outlet at central. had me some genovese pesto pasta, which is actualy organic pasta tossed w homemade garlic pesto, grilled courgettes olives, and crumbled boiled potatoes, topped w feta cheese and fresh basil leaves. this is so delish!!

 photo IMG-20140607_zpsbfec2291.jpg
 photo 20140607_195710_zpscdb65238.jpg
2) poulet w my favorite girls.

 photo 20140515_192338e_zps369a01b3.jpg
 photo 20140515_192201_zpsf5f642a8.jpg
3) WATAMI date w eunice. i always go back to watami when i dont know what to eat.. hahaha cheap thrill but i like how watami reminds me of 'wa(me in hokkien)-tummy' maybe that's why i go back again and again to fix my fussy tums.

 photo PSX_20140617_223506_2_zpsefaaf8e8.jpg
 photo PSX_20140617_224937_zps29674f23.jpg
4) chicken up and catch up sesh w V!!! we overordered (2sets of chix, fries, kimchi fried rice...) the chix were not bad at all. first time trying the watermelon soju though, maybe i was expecting more. so good to catch up w her after so long x

 photo 20131109_160417_zps7e7735c8.jpg
5) bought some cupcakes to giveaway, these are from cher's cupcakes. i try my best to surprise my loved ones. but no one's free for me mehhhhh. flavors: best of both worlds (pb and nutella), cookie monster, strawberry soiree, chocolate wsated.

 photo 20140331_194338_zps61f22067.jpg
 photo 20140331_202016_zps0e9685c4.jpg
6) eggs&berries with weijie, better known as serious carbs overload sesh. we had pancakes, rost, steak, egg ben, milkshakes, we had desserts too. we are so fattttt omgosh hahaha

 photo 20140102_195253_zps8eb01f7c.jpg
7) ending this streak w some local food. i love you stingrayyyyyy. i love hawker food, i mean as much as i love eating cafe food, im still a true blue singaporean girl deep down. nothing can replace my loveeeee you local food especially meehoonkway, fried carrot cake, and wanton meee.

July 15, 2014

Nobody said it was easy,

here' balmer singing my anthem. what fine specimen of a human being right there. of course, coldplay. sick tunes, and always relatable. but he's gone now, no thanks to you voters.


me to j before class today: "eh later half time can go get coffee" 
of course, i meant break time in class. aiya rip my english i dont care.

 photo 20140615_122110_zpsae4a7c78.jpg
my world cup edition kitty from hk (thanks to hannah for bringing them back for me!!) they are way too cuteee

suffering from some world cup withdrawals right now, i've got nothing to look forward to tonight even though im surviving on one hour of sleep right now. afterall i did somehow catch every single match, and bet on almost every matches wow. cant believe i did it all, but it happened! did not regret at all. all the late nights, early mornings, fuck work (im kidding) half dead at work every other day, of course, analysing them bet sheets lol. meeting up w different groups of friends just to catch some actions, have some beer etc. pretty sweet. discovered a bar at dempsey, so chill and we were there all the time, i teared watching #bracol there lol. germany, champions. world class. they fought hard, and they deserved all of it. klose, sixteen goals. gotze you beauty creature, though im still not quite a fan since i dont really watch bundesliga, but that goal was right on. have you all seen them german wags? gosh, gotze's ann-kathrin especially. WHY ARE ALL GERMAN WAGS SO BEAUTIFUL. makes me feel so bad about myself, and aww kisses on screen was so damn sweet. james rodriguez, well deserved golden boots. but messi??? golden ball? i can easily name many players performing better at this world cup, i figured maybe they just have to hand it over to whoever's at the finals. it all comes to end, thank you brazil for being a great host though your team was quite a disaster, but all of them drama, it was lovely to watch x

also saw this on fb,  you can click through it. the german team apparently built a hotel, health center, football field, six months before the worldcup. not only did they socialised with the locals, they also donated 10k euros, and wore the local's football team kit, sang their anthem. after thrashing brazil, they apologised and thanked the brazilians for their amazing hospitality. and now that they left brazil, they left everything they built for the locals and poor children. wow...

 photo 20140714_021325_1_zps06b7aff6.jpg
 photo 20140714_022913_1edit_zps5347e038.jpg
finals last night! #GERARG @ sportshub. 3am on a monday morning, apparently everyone doesnt have to work!!! only kidding. i almost died at work today. w.r.t the latter, do not ask me why i've got no idea what the fuck that empty space was for.

 photo 20140705_224914_zps72cdb301.jpg
 photo 20140705_234053_zps1c34543b.jpg
#BELARG @ robertson quay, also met up w jon, wj and yl! i spot (fake)fellaini, though he got rid of it after they went back to belgium though. there can only be one afro lol maybe.

#throwback to the last weekend of june, i got invites to MDF world cup party. brought my girls along too, and i think we mostly had fun snapping photos. love the face paint tho! i had myself some hippie belgie headband.
 photo IMG_6825e_zps3279bc82.jpg photo IMG_6839_zpsd8e386bc.jpg
 photo IMG_6844_zps2c50582a.jpg
 photo IMG_6843_zps6a89d012.jpg

time to put these all behind, and focus on..... what?? hahaha

July 13, 2014

34 kg in two years? gosh easyneon make it look so easy.
still havent managed to ditch that 6kgs gained in the past two years, sigh. i need to learn.

July 11, 2014

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cutest thing i've seen on twitter today.

summer has come around and i cant wait to soak up the sun (clad in bikini, right next to sean of course), also just got my hands on some floral dresses. only lacking some pretty shades, and beach bag. but that's alright. bring on the heat!!!!

July 09, 2014

Bra(nil) vs Ger(many)

i love how every worldcup's full of drama, and it keeps getting better. this morning (crawled up after struggling with six alarms, thank god i did) we saw the brazil team completely thrashed and destroyed by the die mannschafts, at home ground. it seems too easy for die mannschafts though. i mean really, what can neymar and thiago silva do even if they were on the pitch? the germans were flawless, they were so exciting to watch, they dont depend on one man - they are a team. even if neuer come up at half time as the striker, the germans will still win it. jokes aside, it's just so hard to watch oscar and david luiz turning into fountain of tears :'( couldnt believe my eyes too, im not sure how they felt on the pitch though. how to even recover conceding five goals before half time?
7-1 at a semi was just too harsh for the boys to take.

cant wait to watch germany vs netherlands on monday morning, well we'll see tonight if i'm right.
and netherlands will lose, taking the second position - well only because it's their tradition lol
tough match for brazil at third placing though, if they were to face argentina, it'll be another do-or-die match since both countries seem to detest each other so much.

also, thank you germany team for helping me recoup my losses.

(edit) wow wasnt what i expected afterall! but damn that was one hell of a boring semi between netherlands and argentina. argentina advanced after penalty, how lucky they are? well it's deutschland's year this year for sure! time to get my dad, mom, aunt, uncle, whole fucking world to bet on them thanks to NCPG, i applaud you for your great advert and prediction, world class. (/edit)

July 08, 2014


took a quiz off buzzfeed just for kicks, it says "what country in the world best fits your personality?"

brazil you are an adventure enthusiast, who likes to party, and enjoy a wild night out. you appreciate a culture with a vivacious lifestyle. you are drawn to warm climates, and love being near the water. sitting at home is not your style. you'd rather be doing something active or walk around the city with friends. you are fed by good conversation and have a strong personality. your motto in life is, "life is for living" and in brazil you are surrounded by others who share your passion.

wow pretty true, sums up where i want to be next year after graduating. then again, you should never treat internet quizzes seriously haha.

here's some #throwback lovin, before my g12 died on me:
 photo IMG_6342_zpsa251d1a6.jpg
 photo IMG_6383_zps0b18a214.jpg
goodbye cammie g, you have served me well. i'm missing the flip cam and my favorite camera effect :( replace cammie g, with a g16, otherwise known as cammie g junior, but lack the two features mentioned in front. im still beyond sad... cant take perfect selfies anymore.

@cheryltzq's 21st 
 photo IMG_6361_zpsbfc64465.jpg
 photo uygfvbnm_zpsfe1fce51.jpg
gorgeous gorgeous sweetheart. brought wenshit along i always thought they resemble each other! so happy to see all my friends coming together haha

@ music matters '14 (mmlive)
sidney york's set: 
 photo IMG_6448_zpscdae4bfd.jpg
buffalo sun's: 
 photo IMG_6457_zps44ffe049.jpg
dune rats's:
 photo IMG_6458_zpsc311d0bf.jpg
probably my best discovery this year at mmlive, was the stonewolf band:
 photo IMG_6469_zps11bbfc48.jpg
 photo IMG_6472_zps9867b25a.jpg

gonna be the only one who loves you, loves you~~~

 photo IMG_6466e_zps550b271f.jpg
managed to catch the dune rats dude for a photo as well. they are so cray! maybe i shouldnt smile after all haha

 photo IMG_6302e_zps0e83b3e8.jpg
self shot hahaha again, before cammie g died on me :(

@clarexchung's 21st
 photo 10414397_10152051735821216_6685166884480977684_n_zps203d1080.jpg
 photo 20140517_155320ee_zpsa364d267.jpg
 photo 10339649_10152051746561216_5589049847036620979_n_zps0f9a173d.jpg
our gorgeous princess turns twenty one! oh man i feel so old. haha well, two more to go x
(my arms are getting so huge....) 

 photo 20140507_125954_zps46747772.jpg
 photo 20140507_121504_zpsc92bcd7d.jpg
zncbdlunch and ehraffleslunch sometime ago, finally met up w eileen after so damn long, say maybe two years? that long. always good to know that old friends are doing well.

 photo 123_zps70d08ab3.jpg
caught rio ferdinand en route to work probably ~2 months ago? he was here in singapore for some singtel promotion. not a bad paparazzi shot afterall considering i shot it through the glass door.