July 22, 2014

A short.

hi guys, i havent been well at all lately. working woes struck hard. i would love to just sleep away with it, but it gets to me some point of time i just want to let it all out at someone, i can just go on and on. urgh, need to learn how to tolerate better. school hasnt been great either, trying to cope well with these two. also have been deleting a lot of photos from my ig, i think close to hundred and fifty along the way. i post too much nonsense sometimes.

some serious throwback sesh again:
 photo 20131025_185515_zps2f95b7ec.jpg
1) i was at real food. the outlet at central. had me some genovese pesto pasta, which is actualy organic pasta tossed w homemade garlic pesto, grilled courgettes olives, and crumbled boiled potatoes, topped w feta cheese and fresh basil leaves. this is so delish!!

 photo IMG-20140607_zpsbfec2291.jpg
 photo 20140607_195710_zpscdb65238.jpg
2) poulet w my favorite girls.

 photo 20140515_192338e_zps369a01b3.jpg
 photo 20140515_192201_zpsf5f642a8.jpg
3) WATAMI date w eunice. i always go back to watami when i dont know what to eat.. hahaha cheap thrill but i like how watami reminds me of 'wa(me in hokkien)-tummy' maybe that's why i go back again and again to fix my fussy tums.

 photo PSX_20140617_223506_2_zpsefaaf8e8.jpg
 photo PSX_20140617_224937_zps29674f23.jpg
4) chicken up and catch up sesh w V!!! we overordered (2sets of chix, fries, kimchi fried rice...) the chix were not bad at all. first time trying the watermelon soju though, maybe i was expecting more. so good to catch up w her after so long x

 photo 20131109_160417_zps7e7735c8.jpg
5) bought some cupcakes to giveaway, these are from cher's cupcakes. i try my best to surprise my loved ones. but no one's free for me mehhhhh. flavors: best of both worlds (pb and nutella), cookie monster, strawberry soiree, chocolate wsated.

 photo 20140331_194338_zps61f22067.jpg
 photo 20140331_202016_zps0e9685c4.jpg
6) eggs&berries with weijie, better known as serious carbs overload sesh. we had pancakes, rost, steak, egg ben, milkshakes, we had desserts too. we are so fattttt omgosh hahaha

 photo 20140102_195253_zps8eb01f7c.jpg
7) ending this streak w some local food. i love you stingrayyyyyy. i love hawker food, i mean as much as i love eating cafe food, im still a true blue singaporean girl deep down. nothing can replace my loveeeee you local food especially meehoonkway, fried carrot cake, and wanton meee.

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