July 09, 2014

Bra(nil) vs Ger(many)

i love how every worldcup's full of drama, and it keeps getting better. this morning (crawled up after struggling with six alarms, thank god i did) we saw the brazil team completely thrashed and destroyed by the die mannschafts, at home ground. it seems too easy for die mannschafts though. i mean really, what can neymar and thiago silva do even if they were on the pitch? the germans were flawless, they were so exciting to watch, they dont depend on one man - they are a team. even if neuer come up at half time as the striker, the germans will still win it. jokes aside, it's just so hard to watch oscar and david luiz turning into fountain of tears :'( couldnt believe my eyes too, im not sure how they felt on the pitch though. how to even recover conceding five goals before half time?
7-1 at a semi was just too harsh for the boys to take.

cant wait to watch germany vs netherlands on monday morning, well we'll see tonight if i'm right.
and netherlands will lose, taking the second position - well only because it's their tradition lol
tough match for brazil at third placing though, if they were to face argentina, it'll be another do-or-die match since both countries seem to detest each other so much.

also, thank you germany team for helping me recoup my losses.

(edit) wow wasnt what i expected afterall! but damn that was one hell of a boring semi between netherlands and argentina. argentina advanced after penalty, how lucky they are? well it's deutschland's year this year for sure! time to get my dad, mom, aunt, uncle, whole fucking world to bet on them thanks to NCPG, i applaud you for your great advert and prediction, world class. (/edit)

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