July 24, 2014


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them eyes. (tell me again why do i love spaniards?)
this guy bossed the midfield this morning, so happy watching him play :')

met yilin for lunch today, everywhere's crowded at cbd during lunch time. cant believe i have survived a little more than nine months already wowww. might do a cbd lunch edition post. 'might' is the key word hahaha pretty keen to do a #zncbdlunch version though, might need some time to reorganize my folders and shit.

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1) munch saladsmith (one raffles place)
2) flatwhite from strangers' at work (the arcade)
3) aussie roll (chevron's house) - YOU MAI YUMMO LOVE
4) salmon lunch w ying and ming at i-dont-remember-where-at-china-square. i'll find out next week.
5) pesto pasta w wenshit at orchard gateway. cant get enough of pesto.

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and of course, a shameless selfie. mouthie. smil-fie. whatever.

i love how this post's so..... vibrant.

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