July 08, 2014


took a quiz off buzzfeed just for kicks, it says "what country in the world best fits your personality?"

brazil you are an adventure enthusiast, who likes to party, and enjoy a wild night out. you appreciate a culture with a vivacious lifestyle. you are drawn to warm climates, and love being near the water. sitting at home is not your style. you'd rather be doing something active or walk around the city with friends. you are fed by good conversation and have a strong personality. your motto in life is, "life is for living" and in brazil you are surrounded by others who share your passion.

wow pretty true, sums up where i want to be next year after graduating. then again, you should never treat internet quizzes seriously haha.

here's some #throwback lovin, before my g12 died on me:
 photo IMG_6342_zpsa251d1a6.jpg
 photo IMG_6383_zps0b18a214.jpg
goodbye cammie g, you have served me well. i'm missing the flip cam and my favorite camera effect :( replace cammie g, with a g16, otherwise known as cammie g junior, but lack the two features mentioned in front. im still beyond sad... cant take perfect selfies anymore.

@cheryltzq's 21st 
 photo IMG_6361_zpsbfc64465.jpg
 photo uygfvbnm_zpsfe1fce51.jpg
gorgeous gorgeous sweetheart. brought wenshit along i always thought they resemble each other! so happy to see all my friends coming together haha

@ music matters '14 (mmlive)
sidney york's set: 
 photo IMG_6448_zpscdae4bfd.jpg
buffalo sun's: 
 photo IMG_6457_zps44ffe049.jpg
dune rats's:
 photo IMG_6458_zpsc311d0bf.jpg
probably my best discovery this year at mmlive, was the stonewolf band:
 photo IMG_6469_zps11bbfc48.jpg
 photo IMG_6472_zps9867b25a.jpg

gonna be the only one who loves you, loves you~~~

 photo IMG_6466e_zps550b271f.jpg
managed to catch the dune rats dude for a photo as well. they are so cray! maybe i shouldnt smile after all haha

 photo IMG_6302e_zps0e83b3e8.jpg
self shot hahaha again, before cammie g died on me :(

@clarexchung's 21st
 photo 10414397_10152051735821216_6685166884480977684_n_zps203d1080.jpg
 photo 20140517_155320ee_zpsa364d267.jpg
 photo 10339649_10152051746561216_5589049847036620979_n_zps0f9a173d.jpg
our gorgeous princess turns twenty one! oh man i feel so old. haha well, two more to go x
(my arms are getting so huge....) 

 photo 20140507_125954_zps46747772.jpg
 photo 20140507_121504_zpsc92bcd7d.jpg
zncbdlunch and ehraffleslunch sometime ago, finally met up w eileen after so damn long, say maybe two years? that long. always good to know that old friends are doing well.

 photo 123_zps70d08ab3.jpg
caught rio ferdinand en route to work probably ~2 months ago? he was here in singapore for some singtel promotion. not a bad paparazzi shot afterall considering i shot it through the glass door.


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