August 22, 2014

High all the time to keep you off my mind,

You're gone and I got to stay high
All the time to keep you off my mind
High all the time to keep you off my mind
Spend my days locked in a haze
Trying to forget you babe, I fall back down
Gotta stay high all my life to forget I'm missing you

ball face. very round indeed.

heading to penang tomorrow w @lishwen
we are so gonna grow some tums xxx

August 15, 2014

Nutella Stuffed Brioche French Toast

made this glorious breakfast for sean and myself last weekend, only because donal skehan mentioned that my partner will love me more and treat me well the whole weekend if i made this (hahahaha) went on to make extra portions for sean's parents *hope it works* hhaha well i think food bribery is actually effective most of the time. and check donal skehan out, he is an absolute dreamboat.

and holy shit, who doenst love nutella? fuck them calorie count.

 photo IMG_6980_zps88bd0fc7.jpg
 photo IMG_6979_zps0144e9d4.jpg

serves 2
2 large eggs
60ml milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
nutella, for filling 4 large slices of brioche
1 tbsp softened butter
icing sugar, for dusting

for the sweet berry sauce:
100g frozen berries
1 tbsp caster sugar

to make the sweet berry sauce, place the berries and caster sugar in a small saucepan with 50ml of water. bring the mixture to a steady simmer and cook until the berries are soft. blitz with a hand-held blender or mash with a fork.

in a large flat dish, whisk together the eggs, milk and vanilla extract. spread the nutella on each slice of brioche and then make two sandwiches.

melt the butter in a large frying pan over a medium-high heat until it is foaming. soak the brioche sandwiches in the eggs and milk and place straight in the pan to cook for 2–3 minutes on either side until golden.

remove from the pan and slice in two. place on two warmed serving plates and drizzle with the berry sauce and dust over the icing sugar.

 photo IMG_6983_zpsa23e8e79.jpg

you could substitute the brioche away with just normal white bread or your choice of bread. but i'll recommend you to go with brioche (friends from singapore, you can get it at swissbake or tiong bahru bakery) sweet bread worked so fine.

get the full recipe here.
watch the video recipe here.

August 14, 2014

I'm high and rising,

All that you give
Is what you don't deliver
Stuck in a phase
Misguided by mistakes
Your addictive poison is dragging me down
Trying to swim out I'm stuck you're watching me drown

Lying awake
The colors all fade
From the tears on my face
I've let you slip away
I can kiss whoever, I'm wearing the crown
Time to get out my love don’t want you cause now

I'm high and rising
Alive now, I'm fine cause I let you go

Three things,

1. sean got me the prettiest statement necklace ever form primark in the uk, defo the prettiest necklace i own right now:
 photo IMG_6950_zpscab8dcaa.jpg
oh you beauty...

 photo IMG_6813_zps7c811811.jpg
2. the people from the ordinary co. were so generous to send me the miranda bib necklace, which was super exquisite and incredibly eye catching. love how these makes a basic outfit more glamorous in a sense.

3. grubbed on some grub at grub (GRUBBING MUCH) with lishwen three weeks back. grub is located at amk (bishan park) go google it! im not a food blogger, nor the am i google mapz. people write much better reviews too. google is always a friend.
 photo IMG_6922_zpsff0871e1.jpg
 photo IMG_6928_zps6827a126.jpg
 photo IMG_6929_zpsaccc6e0b.jpg
mushroom pasta for me, chicken thigh burger for her. we went on to order the churros which was their most popular item on menu. i find it super sweet, and.... oily. but not bad to chew on. also, i dont frequent this side of singapore at all. so not convenient for me when i dont get to drive. the last time i remember being in amk all the time was during internship and it was a nightmare for me. i wrote so much about my internship all day because it was haunting me literally. never want to be back at that position ever again.

August 12, 2014

Prince of Juve x

marchisio, vidal and pirlo will be here for singapore selection vs juventus this weekend, HOLY MARCHISIO... well singapore is already so fucking hot and they just have to make it hotter hehe. still bummed over the fact that i wont be catching the match (kill me, someone just please) but i already had surprises planned for my boy this weekend, and i'm excited for it hehe

quick fix the other day, or rather every other day:
 photo PSX_20140728_111455_zpsa676dd44.jpg
mashed avo w toast. i love my avos with a little lemon or lime juice, with a lot of cracked pepper. and yes i love avos so much i can have them every single day.

August 08, 2014

Life ain’t nothing but a crazy dance,

it's 9th of august tomorrow so, i thought this would be appropriate photo to post:
 photo PSX_20140620_185306_zpse7d36d70.jpg
 photo IMG_6697_zpsa4640fc9.jpg
taken at the sail @ marina bay sometime ago at ma's birthday. though sometimes i wonder why am i stuck in a rut, and always want to try to break out of my mundane life here - it's actually pretty amazing living in singapore. look at our skyline, im always proud to call myself a singaporean.

 photo IMG_6912_zps530a2685.jpg
and this one's for fourth of july. made a point to dress up in red and blue. junn got me that bracelet from turkey, which was appropriate too hahaha. of course, i posted something on instagram for bastille day too. how would i not? cant wait to visit france again. neways i dont think im the only one who loves bulging veins. especially when guys have them, oh my... yes.

 photo IMG_6724ee_zps37df6245.jpg
with my favorite girls. six years and counting.

 photo 20140722_205421_zpsfa5419a2.jpg
 photo 20140722_204624_zpsdf2e37de.jpg
burger vs wings + bar for bestie's birthday. the queue was crazy, we couldnt get a table because there was six of us. i went ahead with the shredded beef and bacon barnburger, the runny poached egg was seducing me all the while so i couldnt say no to it. and sure enough, it worked so well with the beef and bacon. i dont even know what are calories any more.

Burgers Vs Wings + Bar
Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road

 photo 20140404_190830_zpscea7c880.jpg  photo 20140404_185407_zps2ae60416.jpg  photo 20140404_185852_zps3c3ba088.jpg  photo 20140404_190751_zps14decaa2.jpg
the chop house with khai, quite a while ago. in fact i think this was the first quarter back this year. wow miss you khai. as usual im always searching for the best #handmodel HAHAHA alrighty been so long since we last hung out though. 

The Chop House
1 Harbourfront Walk
Vivocity (Harbourfront MRT)

after work drinking sesh at five izakaya,
 photo IMG-20140716-WA0031_zps45df80aa.jpg
work just sucks most of the time, i get why working adults go drinking so often. well but i feel really blessed to have tavia with me at work, she's defo one of the nicest person around. xx cant imagine how work would be like without her. as if i have not been swearing enough...haha

August 06, 2014

Donal & Simone Q&A

guys please go catch the guardians of the galaxy, it's so hilarious it's so good!! rocket raccoon's so lovable ahhhhh. finally done with year two today, the paper was awful as shit, but at least i'm done with it for now. i hate to feel stupid though. in fact, some nights i just feel worthless, and i feel sad for no reasons. much frustrating, very annoying.

also, i have a carousell account, i havent said this on twitter or ig or anywhere yet, but whoever's reading, if you are keen, search "okjacqui" that's me (ahahah dont ask why) might just change my user one day.

 photo 1donske_zpsd1e3202c.png
#cheapthrill but donal skehan answered my question! you can view his Q&A here, it's hilarious how simone and donal pronounce my name zomg. go go go 1:20!!!!  (and im not like a ginseng hahaha)