August 14, 2014

Three things,

1. sean got me the prettiest statement necklace ever form primark in the uk, defo the prettiest necklace i own right now:
 photo IMG_6950_zpscab8dcaa.jpg
oh you beauty...

 photo IMG_6813_zps7c811811.jpg
2. the people from the ordinary co. were so generous to send me the miranda bib necklace, which was super exquisite and incredibly eye catching. love how these makes a basic outfit more glamorous in a sense.

3. grubbed on some grub at grub (GRUBBING MUCH) with lishwen three weeks back. grub is located at amk (bishan park) go google it! im not a food blogger, nor the am i google mapz. people write much better reviews too. google is always a friend.
 photo IMG_6922_zpsff0871e1.jpg
 photo IMG_6928_zps6827a126.jpg
 photo IMG_6929_zpsaccc6e0b.jpg
mushroom pasta for me, chicken thigh burger for her. we went on to order the churros which was their most popular item on menu. i find it super sweet, and.... oily. but not bad to chew on. also, i dont frequent this side of singapore at all. so not convenient for me when i dont get to drive. the last time i remember being in amk all the time was during internship and it was a nightmare for me. i wrote so much about my internship all day because it was haunting me literally. never want to be back at that position ever again.

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