November 07, 2014


rumour has it the aussie bro can do no wrong. i need to see this man live.

November 04, 2014

Lack of passion is fatal.

i posted this quote on my ig a while ago, which was exactly what's going on w my life right now. no aim, no fire, and obviously i'm not satisfied with how i'm living my life right now. "go find your passion", "do it with passion or not at all" - two quotes that i come across so damn often but how do i even when i cant find that burning passion??! this shit has been pressurizing me and the irony is that passion should be a motivation instead of pressure. that's what i know at least. in the context of both work and school, i find myself stuck in this long term game of trial and error. defo not the best person to give any career advice at the moment because i'm basically spending majority of my waking hours working for people i dont like, a company that i dont care about and of course doing things i dont even enjoy. will still continue my education, i've got less than a year to go, so i literally dont have a choice. been slogging at work so hard just to fund my school fees so i wont be that dumb to quit, btw i dont quit things easily either. i always have huge aspirations about myself, i believe i can do more than just all of this shit work i'm doing right now. in my twenties, yet still trying to figure what i am put on this planet to do. i'm probably taking way too long than i should. i swear, when i find it, no matter what it is - i'm damn prepared to chase after it hard and go do it with all fierceness. i need to find that enthusiasm and what exactly keeps me awake and gets me up every morning, instead of drowning into misery and feeling unfulfilled about every damn thing - that's unhealthy. not gonna fall short in my expectations for myself. never. this is my life and i'm the only one in control of it, right? i hope i'll be able to discover the beauty of life again, and eventually build a life worth living.

"Life is going to throw you some major shit – so hold on. 
Keep your head above the water."