December 15, 2014

Everywhere you go, always take De Gea with you,

december has and will always be my favorite month of the year, except for the fact that i've got papers to sit for. thankfully it will be the last time ever i'll face exams in decemeber since i'll be done with school next july. lovely! hopefully i'll update this space with some happy photos soon, this space has been flooded with videos and all that stuff. (see how boring i person i've became?!)

went on missing for a bit as my laptop crashed, it was quite unfortunate. all the money i've saved for some wants and for my upcoming trip has went down to nothing again after purchasing a replacement laptop. needless to say, saving money was my key priority - took up a couple of event jobs and shitz, it was fucking tiring, really. juggling between a full time job, attending night classes, and now additional jobs. i dont know how, but i did it. and i've got the money i needed.

obvs the highlight last night was.... #mufc six straight wins! big dave was the difference, invincible. saving asses again and again. what would we do without de gea? no other words to describe his incredible form, the one on one saves were fantaze. take a bow ddg you're jesus. here's van persie summing up every fans feels on de gea's performance with one look:

 photo Untitled_zpsb13b836f.png

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